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website maintenance services
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Table of Contents – Website maintenance services?

  • Introduction.
  • What is website maintenance?
  • Why is website maintenance necessary?
  • What services are included in website maintenance?
  • How often should we perform website maintenance?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Conclusion.


A website is a platform where visitors can learn more about your company. A website’s objective may be to boost traffic, clicks, leads, information and knowledge exchange, and so on. However, since we all live in an ever-changing world, we must present our audience with up-to-date information.

In this blog, we will get to know the meaning, importance, services included, and cost of website maintenance. Let’s start the journey with the meaning.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance can be defined as the process of optimising a website to make it fully functional by removing all the errors, improving the speed of the website, etc. A website should updated on a monthly or quarterly basis to suit its function.

It’s the same as riding a bike on a road: if we want it to perform well, we must maintain it on a regular basis. Otherwise, the engine would stop.

Why is website maintenance necessary?

A website is the base of a business’s online presence. It’s necessary to maintain a website to make it run smoothly and be user-friendly. Website maintenance should done on a priority basis. A well-maintained website can improve all aspects, including the number of viewers, viewer retention on the website, loading time, website appearance or design, web hosting and domain registration renewal, and so on.

There are many reasons that support the importance of maintaining a website. Let’s understand it.


What services are included in website maintenance?

Website management consists of many services, which are basically performed on a website to make it serve its purpose.

Let’s talk about some of the services provided under website maintenance.

Necessary plugins updates

The majority of websites in the world are made on WordPress, which makes them vulnerable to hackers and online attackers. That is why WordPress releases on a regular basis: to address vulnerabilities such as hacker attacks, etc. So, the website should updated for new plugin updates as soon as you get an update option for any plugins, etc.

Content optimization

We all know that “content is king,” so we have to maintain it. A website’s content should be optimised in a way that it can achieve more and more of its purpose, and it should optimized in a way that search engines will also like it. So the overall ranking of the website can be improved. A website should be regularly updated with new and fresh content.


The appearance of a website plays a vital role in the overall experience of a user. All the social media icons should be placed in such a way that people who come to the website can click on them, which will redirect them to your social media handles. A better-looking website encourages viewers to interact, which ultimately adds value to the website.


Regular maintenance of a website consists of many tasks like removing duplicate pages and broken links, doing regular SEO, etc. By keeping all these tasks in mind, a website will ranked higher on the SERP, which helps the website appear in the search results of the targeted audience. So, most viewers find it relevant, which ultimately helps a website gain high traffic.

Prevention from security issues

Website maintenance plays a very important role when it comes to security. SSL is a certification that provides security to a website by making its data transfer end-to-end encrypted. This certification should updated on a timely basis. Security patches released by different web development companies should installed on the website as soon as they are released.

Renewal of domain and hosting

There are many important components to a website that should maintained regularly, but the domain and hosting are the two most crucial components that require annual renewal. Before, someone else could buy your domain.


As there are more mobile phone users than computer users on the internet today. It becomes a necessity to make websites mobile-friendly to target the majority of internet users. Updates to the accessibility of a website make it easier to use.

Customer support

If your website contains customer support options, then it becomes a necessity to maintain and answer the FAQs and queries of customers. A website with FAQs provides visitors with a sense of satisfaction because they can get basic answers to their questions without having to ask. Which increases the goodwill of a website.


How often should we perform website maintenance?

The specific time for performing website maintenance depends upon many factors, like the type of website or industry you are dealing in. There are many types of websites, e.g., corporate, individual, and small business websites.

Daily maintenance of a website should be conducted to eliminate all the errors arising on the site and improve the visitor’s experience. A website should be checked for broken links, technical glitches, 404 errors, and daily updates needed on a daily basis.

It should be done weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly to prevent many of the basic issues that can arise while using a website.

Weekly Activities

Weekly activities consist of many things like optimising content, fixing 403 errors, implementing 301 redirects in case of broken links, publishing blogs to get maximum reach, taking care of the proper functioning of the website, etc.

Monthly Activities

Monthly maintenance has many activities that need to be performed once a month on a website, such as improving its appearance, doing local Search Engine Optimization Services to improve local listings, checking for security issues and resolving them, improving the loading speed of the website, etc.

Quarterly Activities

Making the website mobile friendly, updating the visual appearance, updating the meta title, tags, and description, checking if all the call-to-action buttons, forms, etc. are working properly, checking if it’s working properly on all the widely used web browsers, etc. are the activities that come under the quarterly website maintenance of a website.

Annual Activities

There are many annual activities that should performed on a website to make it stand out.

Some of the activities include improving the SEO of the best-performing blogs and content, updating the overall design of the website, renewing the domain and web hosting, etc.


How much does it cost?

The cost of website development services varies depending on the type of service desired by a company or individual. as there are many types of websites, like those for individuals, small businesses, corporate clients, etc. The cost of website maintenance services depends on the type of services a business wants.

We at Embtel Solutions have a team of professionals working with us who can help you with the best website development services. Feel free to contact our team, have a word, and discuss your queries.


Consider the above chart for pricing according to the services we are providing. Contact us right away for more exciting deals.



A website can perform at its best if it is well-maintained. A website’s maintenance is the most necessary part and should performed on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

We are living in a world where nearly everything can found on the internet. If you provide something valuable to your clients but the product or service is not recognizable, it becomes useless if it does not serve its purpose. Regular maintenance of a website plays a role in improving its overall performance. 

Website maintenance services can also used to generate revenue by providing site maintenance services to your existing clients. It also aids in the development of practices that may be beneficial to your business.

This blog may have helped you better understand the different aspects of maintaining a website.

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