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  • What Exactly Is a Website Plan, and Why Do You Need One?
  • How Could a Quality Website Maintenance Plan benefit you?
  • Our Website Maintenance Packages
  • Different Website Maintenance Services

What Exactly Is a Website Plan, and Why Do You Need One?

Once you’ve launched a website that you’ve been working on for months (or even years), it’s finally available to the public. Now, you choose to leave it unchanged till you feel like redesigning it again, right? Not so quickly.

Your website is an asset that should be managed with the utmost care. To function at its best, it requires constant monitoring, upgrading, and modification. You’ll need a strategy for allocating enough time, money, and talent to keep it running. There, we demonstrate how a website maintenance package may provide your company website with higher-quality assistance. 

What Exactly Is a Website Maintenance Plan?

It is exactly how it sounds: a long-term strategy for maintaining and supporting your website. This often demands more in-depth effort than most individuals have time for or can perform well, so they hire outside digital marketing organizations or vendors to manage their site for them.

How Could a Quality Website Maintenance Plan benefit you?

A website maintenance plan does more than simply improve your online appearance; it also helps your business line. With the appropriate partner and plan, you can go back to doing what you’re doing best: growing your company.

Embtel is committed to assisting you in doing so. We’re ready to serve your web maintenance requirements whether you’ve just established your site or have had one for years.

Begin by contacting us, and let’s figure out how we can best assist your website — and your company — flourish.

Our Website Maintenance Packages

Monthly Maintenance Packages: 

Basic – Includes technical and performance monitoring with platform updates, backups, and development programming support for bug fixes and/or site hacks (extra charges if the site is hacked with malware). – $99 Monthly

Standard – Includes all technical & performance above plus website updates of photos and content to existing pages. Also includes the addition of 1 site page or blog post as needed. – $250 Monthly

Premium – Includes all of the above plus posting up to 4 articles per month or 1 email newsletter, and the addition of 1 site page or additional blog article. $499 Monthly

Domains are not necessarily provided at low cost. The hosting costs $100 per year with a Free SSL certificate but for a few SSL Certificates for or informative websites prices may vary.


Your company website will ultimately break down like a vehicle if it is not consistently maintained and repaired. There is a huge competition out there now that almost everyone is bringing their company online. Your major competitors are all constantly working to assure that their websites rank high in search engines. So, how can you expect to be ahead of your competitors if you’re not optimizing your return on investment and getting as much as possible from your website?

You must maintain your website regularly. Most website maintenance is self-service, however, it is preferable to engage a website maintenance agency to assist you with your needs

It will help you to concentrate on building your company rather than worrying about website maintenance.

When you recruit website maintenance services, you should expect the following duties to be completed on a regular basis:

1. Website Software Updating

If you use a content management system, such as WordPress, or a script, such as PHP, it must always be up to date. WordPress normally updates itself automatically, however, there may be times when it has to be updated manually.

Furthermore, if you use a website host, its core server software will be updated regularly by the maintainer. 

2. Enhancing Website Performance

Did you know that if a website takes over three seconds to load, 25% of consumers will leave? Page loading is a crucial aspect of the consumer experience. However, we often overlook it to please new cool features or a more visually appealing website design.

In general, online visitors are uninterested in all the bells and whistles. They are concerned with getting the data they require as quickly as feasible. Another thing to think about is how page load time influences your rankings on search engines. A slow website raises the bounce rate, and if users are going out of your web page as soon as they arrived, Google will assume your website isn’t relevant and will push it down the ranks.

A website maintenance service will regularly assess your website’s performance by using the insights gained from speed-testing tools to optimize how it loads.

3. Resolving HTML Errors

HTML code is difficult to learn, particularly if you have no experience with website development. To ensure that it works well, you must be punctilious. What seems to be a little mistake might cause a slew of issues, such as odd-looking pages, missing multimedia, and so on. Effective website support will be able to examine, detect, and resolve HTML errors.

4. Backup of Files

Consider how terrible it would be if you lost all of your website’s key files. Images, pages, blog entries, plugins, and so forth are all included. If you use WordPress for your website, you may have a few automatic backup alternatives. Website maintenance services look that database backups are conducted automatically at least once a week.

5. Creating New Content

Your content quality may be excellent, but it is always a good idea to enhance it by producing new types of material. Your website’s content must also be up-to-date. If you posted a post years ago, it may no longer be relevant, and some of the content may need to be changed.

6. Search Engine Marketing

Checking your website regularly for areas where browse ability might be enhanced can go a long way toward boosting search engine optimization. You may modify your blog posts to integrate prominent and competitive keywords. You may also edit your landing pages to add more new keywords. Even your “About Us” page may be constantly updated to benefit from hot keywords in your field. When developing fresh content for your website, keyword research is also essential.

7. Maintaining Design Consistency on All Pages

Your website should work correctly with the most recent versions of major web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and others. These browsers are often updated, and if your website does not adapt to the changes, it may not appear or may not look exactly the way it should. This might harm your company and brand.

8. Repairing Broken Links

 All the links on your website should point to the correct page, but links can fail. A site or resource you previously linked to may no longer exist, a webpage may become unavailable, or you may move a post and fail to notify others who link to it.

Broken links can be detrimental to your website’s performance. They may give the impression to visitors that:

a) Your website is difficult to use.

b) You do not keep your website up to date.

c) You lack credibility.

A website maintenance provider should monitor your website on a regular basis to discover any broken links. They will either edit or delete them as soon as they find them.

9. Analyzing Your Website’s Analytics

The performance of your website must be checked to verify that everything is running properly. A professional website support expert will look at high-level data such as how many new and repeated viewers your website has had in the last week and which blog posts had been read the most. They will then make appropriate changes to your website to ensure that all statistics are at their best.

This is simply a basic overview of what website upkeep entails. Some of these chores might take a long time. Furthermore, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can wind up doing more harm than good. Hiring expert website maintenance services is a better alternative.

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