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Google SEO for blogging
In: Search Engine Optimization

Google SEO for blogging to indexing. You need to know that Google is investing heavily in artificial intelligence and also RankBrain will become the most essential factor in SEO rank scale. RankBrain is powered with profound machine learning. It has its behavior modified with the environment and the classes, it learns on the mode with the gathered data.

Artificial Intelligence and Google Cloud machine learning solutions will modify the Blogging for Google SEO optimization process. It’ll go along with RankBrain as it continues to acquire power and confidence. This will change the rank scale.

Google is undoubtedly the best provider of search results than every search engine, though, it’s been constantly attempting to improvise the accessibility of its own algorithm so that its website quality and the user experience stays on the top.

The structure, interactive hints, menu place as well as the topics on the website can help the consumer locate the way. The graphics and the media alongside the content will rule the day. But, intuitive navigation will become the order of their day in 2019.

Importance of Content  Blogging for Google SEO Opt.

Google is conservative in character, so, RankBrain will follow this way. The pressure should be on quality material and that will let you build a strong brand.

Structured data enables search engines to read better and classify your content, so, build small but rich quality paragraphs.

A blog should not be looked like only a plain text composed on a webpage. It must be an eye-catching and readable post.

It ought to be a blend of text, images, and other different multi-media elements, depending on the blog’s requirements including videos, charts, slides, etc..

Each speaks a million words. This makes your blog look more visually attractive also.

You must know your target audience that will allow you to find the keywords, associated with the blog. Search engines look for keywords to rank your webpage.

The keywords are a critical portion of SEO, therefore, you must go for information research that helps you identify the targeted keywords and create a summary to form the strategy.

Importance of an Images and Video

Every blog should have attractive and related graphics to its circumstance. The related pictures help the users understand that your point of view about the message that you wish to give.

The images help you draw more traffic from search engines as well as social media websites.

This makes the blog look comprehensive, although the word count does not increase. For example, if you include a screenshot in your tutorial, then it will definitely draw in the reader and also understand it at a much greater way.

Video is also a very important instrument for reaching your audience and also for several very good reasons. Many persons don’t need to go through all of the text that is lengthy. But, they will certainly have a good look at a movie, when available.

They will view it to get to the principal information and may come over to read the text and that gives a very good consumer experience.

The social media channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are fast to catch a fantastic video and whether or not it becomes viral, then millions of individuals see it in a relatively very short moment.

The movie provider receives the greatest advantage as it costs him the least amount.

Audio content is another sort of mass media that needs to be given its due value. From time to time, the sound has an important part, if the video reel of that event isn’t available in the hour.

It may have more impact if that happens for an old timer. Thus, audio may have a durable impact through the web.

The content Blogging for Google SEO optimization must accept voice search a major factor by executing new content and keyword plans. Bing will develop into a force to reckon with as it controls Cortana, Siri, and Alexa.

Copyright Issue

You’re absolutely free to pick up a picture from everywhere, but also make it sure that it shouldn’t violate the person’s copyright. Copyright is a legal defense provided to the creator of the work.

This original work can be a literary work, film, musical piece, image, video or whatever else. Shutterstock is an image editor, video editor, and picture provider but always take permission concerning the copyright issue.

Because of this, it’s almost always preferable to attempt to create your own screenshot or picture, wherever possible.

There are several tools available on the internet with appropriate guidelines that will help you produce the picture for the website.

You can check up with Unsplash or Pixabay for free images.

Resize the Image

The picture must seem appealing while looking at the blog. It must show in clearer terms whatever it needs to convey.

Meaning it should neither be a small one nor large one. The big one is going to take some time to upload, so, it needs to be avoided. Here, again Lunapic.com image editor can provide help.

Compress the Image for Blogging in Google SEO

The picture compression reduces the size (in byte) of a picture file. But it never compromises with the quality of the picture.

This also assists in cutting the downloading or uploading time of that picture file.

There are many distinct formats out there for image compression. The most typical ones will be the JPEG format as well as also the GIF format.

The JPEG system is used for photos, while the GIF format is employed for other pictures. The PNG format is also being given preference on GIF format.

Google gives great importance to the site speed, thus compression is a must operation.

Text on the Image

Flickr is an image editor as well as a movie editor. It’s available on Google Play Store. It allows you to upload, access, edit, arrange and share your own videos and images. It has a very large database.

 Blogging for Google SEO Optimization

In regard to search engine optimization for website posts, using pictures and other types of media may produce a substantial effect on the content quality.

Using multimedia platforms to both entertain and inform folks can also create a much better user experience while producing exceptionally distinctive content which search engines like Google and Bing significantly prefer and prefer.

A blog post using multimedia as well as a website with multimedia produce a unique level of quality that may cause them to stand apart from competitors and improves their ranks.

They also stand a much greater chance of being shared on social networking channels and going viral.


When top quality websites sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others reveal lots of linking action to a movie produced and printed on a site, Google and Bing will evaluate that website more highly and give it a much better score and rank on search engines.

So, the powerful content and highly effective image/video will rule out the forthcoming days.

Artificial Intelligence powered RankBrain and the effective Virtual Assistant will play a major function.

The question formulation will be dependent upon the user’s question and RankBrain will offer a high excellent response according to the circumstance.

Therefore, Blogging for Google SEO Expert must learn to work with the situational need and the reach the comprehension depth of the user.

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