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Table of Contents – How to increase direct traffic to your website

  • What is the meaning of Direct Traffic?
  • How to Use High-Value Content Assets to Attract Direct Traffic to Your Website
  • Resource page
  • Regularly posting blogs
  • Infographics or engaging visuals
  • Beneficial tools
  • Conclusion

What is the meaning of Direct Traffic?

Direct traffic is defined as online traffic that arrives at your website’s landing page without first accessing another website. These customers appear out of nowhere, with no prior knowledge of where they have been.

Most marketing platforms make it simple to monitor how customers arrive at your website. Search engines have sophisticated website features that may trace a user’s journey around the Internet.

You can monitor if a customer arrived at your website via paid advertising or social traffic. You may also monitor visitors that arrived at your website’s homepage through an email marketing newsletter. The same is applicable when a client walks your site due to a social media post. When it comes to measuring the quantity of direct traffic, however, nothing works.


How to Use High-Value Content Assets increase direct traffic to your website

The solution how to increase direct traffic is simple: content assets. Content is very valuable from a technical and SEO aspect, as it helps with keyword placement, backlinking, and providing information to potential customers. However, it may be equally beneficial in terms of increasing brand knowledge and familiarity and driving consumers straight to your website.

Consider this: if a buyer sees something helpful with your brand name on it, they tend to remember you, visit your website at a later time, and convert. In a world full of information, providing meaningful content may help you create trust with individuals you don’t even know.

So, why not reap the benefits of this? Marketing through word of mouth is no longer the greatest approach to receiving a traffic referral. Use the digital world to help yourself by creating good-quality content assets.


Resource page

A resource page is a short page on your website that contains useful data and links about a certain subject. It is regarded as a resource for your company and a knowledge base for both new and returning consumers. Resource pages often include material that connects to a range of sources related to the subject, such as electronic books, blogs or posts, in-depth reviews, instructional videos, and more.

Consider a resources page to be a collection of materials that is constantly updated on your site and offers a lot of value to the user. Assume you work as a real estate agent. A resource page might offer market research, current news stories, and connections to reputable contractors and appraisers, among other things. The more frequently you update the resource page, the more frequently people will return to check the new information or resources that are added.

Resource pages are often oriented for folks who are more acquainted with your sector and are looking for extra information that will help them better understand the goods or services you provide. They are an excellent source of direct traffic to your website in the long run.


 Regularly posting blogs

To increase direct traffic to your website, It is important to publish new content on your website regularly. Blog content allows you to do a range of things, including Targeting new keywords, internal linking to your landing pages, and demonstrating your knowledge to users.

Popular blogs frequently publish new content nearly every day, but twice a week is a reasonable goal for any brand. If you create a loyal audience, those individuals will most likely return to your site through bookmarks or branded traffic, both of which are excellent ways to increase your site authority.

When we talk about SEO best practice, merely posting material regularly is never enough. Instead, make it a habit to compose blog pieces regularly and share them on your social media pages. You may allow guest articles on your blog if you have a consistent following and have established your site authority. If you do this, other thought leaders in your industry will want to participate and will most likely send traffic to your site by sharing the piece on their site, Email, bulletins, or social media pages.


Infographics or engaging visuals

Because internet consumers prefer visual material, your website must have graphic elements. Video content, graphics, and other visual tools can help your website and business stand out. Viewers will remember your website and enter it immediately into their search box when they want to check what fresh visual material you’ve made if you post this sort of visual content regularly.


Beneficial tools

Is there anything unique about the firm that you can share with the rest of the world as a tool? A valuable tool, particularly in the digital marketing field, may do wonders for driving direct traffic to your website and converting customers. in the market, some SEO tools may assist you in monitoring your website, analyzing data, and strategizing on the next digital marketing strategy and best practices to use. Some of our users use these tools regularly.

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to be a massive corporation like Google to provide good content to your customers. The greatest aspect of generating meaningful, elevated content is that you will be able to use what makes your company unique to benefit others. As a result, your brand will develop into one that can be trusted.



Several factors affect the direct traffic to your website. To simplify the process there are some paid as well as unpaid tools available in the market, still, it is a complicated process and can also take a long period to show results. Some ways that can help you in the process are mentioned in the blog. If you are still confused and don’t, want to waste your time and money, you can book an appointment with Embtel Solutions at (510) 585 6585 or mail us at [email protected].

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