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What is seo

Search Engine Optimization

The Internet is huge, every day, or to say every second something new is posted on it from different parts of the world, the competition is overwhelming; the race to reach out first to the consumer is getting tougher and tougher each second. 

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) services come in the picture; but first let’s understand the search engine optimization itself. The biggest search engine platform on the internet right now is Google, there is no one in the competition, it’s the first hand choice of any user who chooses to search anything on the internet.

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Some statistics related to SEO in recent times

Statistics gives you a clear idea about the search engines services, which websites are at the top, and performance in terms of various factors.  Let’s discuss some of them.

Keyword length against Volume

A keyword length against search volume graph, gives you clear indications about the amount of people who have visited your landing page by searching a particular keyword. 

By keeping a track of it, Our analysts make sure to increase the volume of the keywords which have performed better and replace the ones who have not been able to pull enough traffic on your website.  

Analysis of Local SEO

The local SEO helps you decide your ad campaign and promotions related to your marketing strategy to target the local user around you, it is a specific method to cover a geographical location, which you think is beneficial for your business. 

Analysis of local SEO, gives you precise data, how the locals have responded to the ad campaigns through CTR and Impressions. 

It helps in modifying the goal plan to achieve monthly and annual targets and leads for your business and service.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis gives you clear indication of the ranking keywords that will be beneficial for your SEO; also it helps to reduce unwanted keywords which are not able to increase the volume on your website.

Bounce Rate Analysis

Our experts keep a very sharp eye on the bounce rate of your website and ad campaign, it helps in realising how the content is structured and how useful the explanation is about the product and service. 

Basically, it gives the idea of how interested a user is when he actually visits your landing page, it keeps an average of the retention time of a user. 

And there are other numerous factors and stat analyses which are done on every point of an SEO strategy at Embtel solutions.  Our clients over the years have achieved desirable profits with dedication of our team of SEO experts. 

Once associated with us as a client, you will never have to look beyond for SEO services, Our SEO marketing services have developed with years of dedication and hard work, this has led us to achieve the place among the top SEO expert services and SEO companies in India and abroad. 

How It Works

How does Google rank websites on its Web Pages?

Now, search engines like Google are very strict and almost take pride in serving the best relevant content to its users, this becomes useful for the consumers and promotes originality by the content creators, business houses and service renders. 

This becomes a beneficial situation for all the three parties involved in the process and creates a profitable ecosystem for everyone, the consumers, content creator and Google. 

SEO and Google connection

It is very difficult to rank on the first page of Google, as its algorithm and crawl robots are in continuous search to improve the quality for its users and replaces contents in split seconds to give the best results. 

A good SEO strategy to rank on Google is highly crucial  This is where our experts who are dedicated to achieve this exciting task come into picture. Embtel Solutions provides result oriented search engine optimization services to its customers to make them achieve their business goals. 

Our expert team of Embtel Solutions has been delivering SEO services to various clients around the globe related to home improvements, Mattress, Jewelry, Retail, Gym & Fitness, Food & beverage, beauty products and many more. Our customers have achieved outstanding profitable solutions by generating hundreds of leads on their monthly targets, and count us among the top search engine optimization agencies they have come across.

How fast do your web pages load?

It is an unavoidable essential in the SEO world, having a slow website will only tank your SEO goals; there are several ways in which speed of the website can be increased; and Embtel Solutions services are one among the top search engine optimization companies which will do the exact same for you.  

We will devise periodic sustainability of users on your website with fast loading webpages to achieve your digital goals.

1. Quality backlinks

There is an authority which rules the average visitors a website gets every day, monthly, and annually. This authority in the internet world is called Domain Authority and Page Authority.  every website is listed and has a rank; but search engines like Google favor only a few.

Websites which are sitting proudly at the top of the rank are the ones which you see on the first page of Google.

Now, there is a way to increase your backlinks and climb among the top ranking websites; and with Embtel Solutio’s SEO marketing experts, you will achieve the best results you have always been looking for.

Google has a mechanism to choose and improve DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) of a website which is done on a scale of anchor texts, external links, and the authority of the links which are backing your website’s authenticity. 

If any of this fails to achieve, then the required result will never be reflected. It is only made possible with a well-defined SEO strategy.

2. Image optimization

Image optimization is among the most neglected strategies when it comes to SEO; but this is actually very harmful, as not optimizing your images accordingly directly affects your website’s loading speed.

Top search engine optimization services will never miss out its importance, as image plays a pivotal role in SEO’s. 

We can classify the image optimization in two types:  the rasters and the vectors – both are commonly used but have a complete opposite effect as a result because a raster image uses a huge space and loses resolution on magnification, and eventually decreases loading speed of a web page. 

Hence, vectors can do just the opposite with less space occupied, and not compromising on resolution as well. 

This is just one of many factors image optimization does to your website. Including your images with alt texts also helps the crawling bots to identify them with your webpages, an essential basic of search engine optimization. 

3. What is your CTR strategy

CTR comes handy in making an ad strategy for your products and services. CTR (Click through Rate) is then divided by the total impressions your ad has received. 

Calculating through this formula, Google makes a decision- to show your ad to more users or not; so keeping strategic input while deciding for CTR can increase the SEO of your website, products, and services to a significant scale. 

Embtel Solutions as a search engine optimization service focuses on achieving high CTR on your advertisements, which in return are favoured by Google:  and you receive more leads for your business. 

4. Analysing and change in strategy

An SEO strategy changes every day. So not having a proper blueprint to achieve desired goals, while keeping in mind the necessary changes which definitely will come on the glory road, one must be prepared for it and learn to balance on the changing tides.

Embtel Solutions will provide you excellent SEO service in India, Canada, Fremont, and many other parts of the world. 

We are here to deliver the best service you have been looking for. Let’s begin your SEO service with us today-and help you achieve the goals you always had in mind, while choosing that first domain, a hosting service, and upgrading your web pages with your business related services. 

“SEO is simple, let’s not complicate it”.

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Our SEO service and its important features

Readability of your content

Every time a user clicks and decides to visit your content, the very first thing that matters is how long he stays on your website. The average time spent on a website by a visitor is a crucial point in search engine optimization; and we take this very seriously. 

We make sure that the readability of the content must be at its perfection: The content is styled and written in the most user friendly manner, to retain user attention time. 

This strategy makes a huge difference in building a regular quality audience for your website, business, and service. 

Our expert content team and writers leave no stones unturned to achieve this task, a regular research is completed before presenting any content on your website for user readability. 

It is just not the matter of technicality but also how precise and specific is the content that will retain the consumer on your website, as a responsible SEO agency, we take this very seriously. 

Urls must be user friendly

Every website and its related webpage have a unique address which is hidden in its URL (Uniform resource locator), consider it like a locator to the specific content you wish the user to go on, which in return helps in promoting your business and related service. 

This URL acts as identification for the search engine like Google and Yahoo and for the user to decide whether the content of a website is relevant or not.

If you are failing to ride on the current SEO wave, then it must be because of poor URL’s of the webpages of your website.

As an experienced SEO management service provider we will work on this aspect of SEO, we will improve your uniform resource locators to the required eligibility Google algorithm wants to get you more traffic on your website. 

The basicity of a good URL is that it must be specific, unique, short, and in sync with the searched keyword by the user.  With our service you will achieve all of this hands down. 

Targeted Audience

Almost ten million people are browsing the internet every day: not all of them are interested and are looking for your service. 

Also, it is highly impossible even for a business house to cap on such a large audience; so to remove this obstacle, a process of filtration is adopted.  This method only targets the users, who are looking for the kind of services your business is rendering. 

Search engine optimization will only help in ranking your website and service on the top results of Google only if they are targeted to the specific set of audience. 

This is called targeting your audience, it is directly dependent upon the keywords that the user is searching for; and if your website offers unique, relevant content related to that keyword, then that user will be directed to your website. 

Use of Ranking Keywords

Keywords are the foremost prime objects that are involved in SEO expert services:  they are the foundation, your product; and service introduction revolves around them. 

The importance is huge, unavoidable.  The best SEO company will never disregard nor take them lightly. We have a separate wing of experts who are dedicated only to the task of filtering keywords and optimizing them accordingly. 

To understand it simply, the internet is the market of information and service, and the key to access. This is the search word used by the user on search engines; that is why we call it the “keyword.”

At Embtel we use the best search engine optimization tools available to extract the most viewed, searched, and trendy keywords to generate more leads for your business. 

To provide quality SEO service, we keep a track on the highest researched keywords with low difficulty on a regular basis.

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Speed of your website

Search engines like Google, Bing, and others have predefined algorithms, which rely upon providing the best and fastest result to its customers or to say consumers. 

It uses the system of bots and trackers to pick the right and relevant information for the consumer; and it is done on the decision of various factors such as uniqueness, relevance, most viewed and loading speed of the website.

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Search engine optimization is essential to land on the first page of Google to increase traffic of visitors on your website to make more profit in your business. 

A good SEO technique follows genuine and honest steps to achieve targets, which in overall increases the Domain Authority and Page Authority of your website, while a bad SEO technique such as the black hat technique will ultimately brand your website, business and product service as a spam; and fraud and will not be allowed to rank on top pages of google by its algorithm.

SEO service through Embtel solutions will help you generate more leads for your business which will help you achieve monthly and annual targets for your business. 

Yes, at Embtel Solutions, we provide SEO services related to local communities, as well as global.  We already have developed a trusted name with our clients across the globe, which you can verify from our testimony. 

Yes, at Embtel Solutions we are always connected with our clients 24/7, you can reach out to us for any concerns and desire for improvement. We will make sure it is addressed and sorted on an immediate basis. 

SEO is a long term game to gain long term profits; so it is better to start taking our SEO service seriously, as soon as you realise the importance of it.  We will see you at the top.

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