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Table of Contents- 5 Online Businesses You Can Start With No Money
Drop Shipping
Information Products
Sell Paid Online Courses
Virtual Assistant
Putting It All Together


Everybody wants to start a business but the biggest issue with it is ‘investment’. But today we will talk
about 5 Online Business that you can start with little or no money. It sounds very unrealistic when you
talk about starting a business without investment, but it is possible. There are lots of online business
which only requires some specific skills along with the skills to manage a business. They are in trend
nowadays and there are lots of people earning well with these business.

Drop Shipping

The primary idea behind an online drop shipping company is that as a startup or a small
business owner, you don’t need to have a huge inventory of items (or any inventory at all) or
manage any delivery to your clients. That reduces the financial expense and danger of
stockpiling items that may not sell, as well as the trouble of arranging for orders to be sent all
over the nation or the globe. You don’t even need to manufacture or keep stock any things.

The only thing you need to concentrate on is sales and advertising to find clients and create
sales. After the sale, the remaining part of it is handled by others. The only fee you will incur is
the cost of advertising and promotion to gain a new client.

Isn’t it simple? Drop shipping allows you to provide a broad variety of items while keeping your
running costs to a minimum.


Requires very minimal initial cost 
No inventory is required 
You may utilize current marketplaces with existing consumer bases


You may be held responsible for your drop shipper’s faults; 
The industry is very competitive; and 
You got to sell a lot to make a good living.


Online Business, If You’re ready to start generating money with a blog or if you have skills, a passion, or an interest in a topic. You may start your blog for free using a site like Blogger www.blogger.com. You may also build your site and get your hosting for a cheap cost, which is normally the way I prefer
since many free blogging platforms have limitations on the things you can say or do, such as
generating money or advertising.
The important thing is to provide unique information that is beneficial to your target group
regularly. That is the most effective strategy to rank high in search engines while
simultaneously encouraging your readers to take action. An online business blog allows you to earn money in several ways.

AdSense by Google

Have you ever visited a website and noticed an advertisement on it? It was most likely an ad
from the Google ad network.
These pay-per-click advertisements are shown on your blog. You earn a few cents or more
every time someone clicks on an ad (which is meant to be on a topic relevant to your niche).

Blog ad networks


You may also use Ad networks apart from Google, such as Blogads, to display ads on your blog.
Similar to Google AdSense advertisements, you post the code once on your website and be paid
when anyone from your audience clicks on the adverts.

Affiliate marketing

You’re already familiar with this one. You provide links to items you are selling as an affiliate,
and you get a commission when someone purchases the product. You may blend advertising
with content on a blog to increase the likelihood of a sale. For example, you might write a
product review (valuable information) and then add an affiliate link to purchase the product.


Extremely cheap start-up expenses
You are not bounded to a specific time


It might take a long time to start making money.

Creating and uploading material might take time.


Information Products

Online companies are not necessarily about selling physical products. Digital information goods
are one of the simplest and fastest methods to generate money.
There are several methods to develop digital products, the most common forms are as follows:
Audio: a recorded conference, interview, seminar, or other spoken-word product; 
Video: a filmed seminar, a how-to-do, or an interview; 
Text: an eBook, instruction manual, or trip guide;
You may be pretty creative in any of these areas and create any style and format of material as
long as it’s interesting and informative.


Can provide passive revenue after the product is on the market 
Can be a fast method to gain money


Creating a product takes some preliminary effort and time; 

You may need to spend some money first.

Sell Paid Online Courses

Many individuals offer their courses online without even having a website. By building an
audience, you may begin to sell your training sessions or services straight from your social
media accounts. I feel it is the simplest approach to making money online. While on the subject,
I would advise newbies to avoid surveys and ad-clicking sites since they are not consistent for
long-term revenue.
Develop a guide, training course, or how-to, e-book based on your talent and sell it to your
target audience online. The procedure will take some time, but with this method, you can build
a sustainable internet company.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a self – employed who offers administrative services to customers while
working from a location other than the client’s. A virtual assistant often works from home but
has remote access to crucial planning materials such as shared calendars.
As small companies and startups depend on virtual offices to save expenses and businesses of
all sizes extend their utilization of the internet for day-to-day operations, virtual assistants have
grown in popularity. Because a virtual assistant is considered an independent contractor, a
company is not required to give the same benefits or pay the same taxes as it would for a full-
time employee.

Putting It All Together

Embtel Solutions Inc, Overall you’ll need to put more efforts if you want to start online business without money. But it is not an
unrealistic approach. There are many individuals who have started business without money and grown it
drastically. If you are still having thoughts you can always ask for help from Embtel solutions at (510)
350-1195 or mail us at [email protected]

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