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Running an Online business can be a complicated process. There may not be a direct interaction between a seller and a customer. Online sales vary on various factors such as past experiences, online reputation, online marketing, quality of website, online presence, sales process, etc. We will discuss tips that will help you to increase sales of your online business.  

Content of the Blog:

  • Ways to Reach Potential Customers Online?
  • Tips to Convert Website Visitors into Customers?
  • What to do to Get Immediate Conversion?
  • How to Enhance My Sales Skills?
  • How to Improve the Productivity of My Sales Team?
  • Case Studies of an antique Sunglass Company
  • Conclusion


1.  Ways to Reach Potential Customers Online?

Get to the First Page of Google

Being placed #1 on Google’s results pages will assist to bring your company’s website to the attention of more people.

If searchers discover precisely what they’re looking for on your website, they’re more likely to stay longer, indicating to Google how your website is excellent at addressing their search query.

You won’t go very far if you use traditional tricks to mislead the system, such as putting unrelated keywords into a page. Google’s algorithm considers at least 200 distinct signals when determining where to rank your website in Google search results. Concentrate on the most significant search queries that your target clients are using, and ensure that your website is adequately customized for each of those terms.

How to get to the top of Google for free?

Increase Online Sales Your PPC Marketing Strategy

There are several methods to enhance your current PPC campaign or get a head start on a new one.

Use keyword research to inform your PPC adverts. Pay attention to the advertisements that display at the top of the results page. Examine their headlines, content, as well as any plugins they are applying, such as contact information or specialized product sites, to check whether any USPs are included in the ad.

Make Use of Social Media Marketing

 Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are excellent ad networks for targeting your target market (once you analyze which provides desired results for your business). Unpaid social media marketing may also result in a significant boost in visitors, but unlike Paid Advertising, it takes ongoing administration and time investment to keep it functioning.


2.  Tips to Convert Website Visitors into Customers?

 Add a pop-up option in email to first-time visitors.

It is typical practice for online stores to provide an opt-in email offer to first-time visitors. In return for a user’s personal information and the right to send them emails, this may be a deal on a first purchase or a free sample. It’s an excellent approach to establishing trust with prospective consumers, giving useful information, and encouraging future purchases.

Instill a feeling of urgency

Displaying limited-edition items, time-sensitive special deals, and low stock levels may assist you in creating scarcity and a feeling of urgency, which motivates fast purchases. However, it is important to be truthful and straightforward in your time-sensitive message.

Offer Purchase Incentives

Can you afford to give free shipping on orders above a particular amount, or possibly a percentage discount? Provide a buying reward in your advertising messages wherever feasible. It’s much better if it’s a time-sensitive reward, as previously suggested.

Provide a Pay-back assurance.

If you’re purchasing a used automobile or a refurbished laptop, or you’re trying out a new product, ordering online might be intimidating. By providing a pay-back assurance and a simple return policy, you make purchasing from your store a risk-free and simple option.

Provide a Variety of Payment Options

If you don’t currently accept PayPal, Google Wallet, ApplePay, and WePay as payment methods on your site, you may be losing revenue from a big segment of customers who don’t want to input their credit card information on every new e-commerce platform they visit. 

3.  What to do to Get Immediate Conversion?

Simplify Your Sales Process

The best method to guarantee that clients convert is to make your website’s sales process as straightforward, easy, and comforting as possible. Poor usability is typically the cause of a low conversion rate if your product portfolio is interesting to your target customer and the cost structure is reasonable. 

Review Your Pricing and Product Strategy

You may have to address price and product strategy challenges. Your price should represent the worth you deliver, what the industry is asking, the value you put on your brand, and your sales and market share targets.

Clear Out Your Checkout

Abandoned baskets and unfinished shopping carts cost companies around $18 billion each year, with an estimated cart abandon rate of close to 70% across all sectors. Make sure your checkout procedure is simple and doesn’t force clients to give up at the final barrier.

Use Abandoned Basket Advertising

Abandoned cart emails have assisted small firms in recovering thousands of dollars in revenue. Offer a discount if the initial abandon basket email fails, and you’ll be set.

Boost Calls to Action

You need clear and enticing calls to action that inform the client precisely what they need to accomplish without overwhelming or confusing them.

Enhance Online Sales Product Imagery

If you want to sell more things, invest in a creative product portfolio that appeals to buyers, expresses your brand, and is distinctively yours – then copyright it.

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4.  How to Increase Online Sales Skills?

 Improving your sales abilities is all about delivering the correct information to the right individuals at the appropriate time. It’s also about being available to give the support your consumers need.

Emphasize the needs of your client rather than the needs of your company. Since this will allow you to properly grasp what your consumers are searching for and the way you can deliver it.

Remember, if you don’t take excellent care of your customers, a rival will.

Key Tips to Increase Online Sales Skills:

Create Buyer Personas – Understanding what drives, engages, and excites your target consumer is essential for successful selling.

Justify Your Perceived Value – Make sure you understand what sets your firm apart from the competitors and justify that to your potential client.

Provide support service – Those good customer evaluations and client testimonials you’ve been banking on to aid in new customer conversion won’t come to you, you have to earn it by resolving their issues.

Follow-Up – If a prospective customer makes the first inquiry, writes an email with a question, or wants to schedule a free consultation, be sure to answer soon — before their interest in your company wanes.


5.  How to Increase Online Sales and Productivity of My Team?

The strength of a website’s online sales team contributes significantly to its success or failure. Your online sales staff, like a conventional sales team that operates over the phone, will need adequate training and support to guarantee they give the type of great service that will make you happy to have them represent your business. Proper training sessions can be given to them to increase productivity. Rewards or incentives can be introduced to motivate them to give their best.

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6.  Case Studies of an antique Sunglass Company

Many e-commerce marketers put a lot of focus on generating new leads and turning them into new consumers. While doing so, they fail to maximize the value of their current clients.

Recurring customers spend nearly 67 percent more than new consumers.

However, if you don’t offer the correct incentive, your consumers will have minimal motivation to revisit your store.

With an appealing loyalty program, you can convert one-time orders into repeat buyers and significantly raise your income.

Sunski, knowing this, has created a one-of-a-kind customer loyalty program that pays consumers for various acts they conduct.

Aside from shopping points, they provide a variety of additional methods to earn credit:

The company uses referral marketing as part of its client loyalty program.


All you have to do is enter your friend’s email address, and Sunski will do the rest.


Your friend gets the email below, and you both receive $10 off on Sunski items.


In this approach, you not only maintain your present consumers but also allow them to refer new ones to you.

The greatest aspect is that you don’t have to start from the beginning to leverage referrals. To launch a referral program, you can simply create a Shopify app or utilize a third-party solution.


7.    Conclusion for Online Sales

So, varying on nature of business there are many factors that affects online sales. Marketing should be handled by the professionals to generate maximum sales in minimum cost possible. It is not compulsory that one strategy that works in one type of business will also works in other e-commerce business. There could be many tricks and tips that can help to enhance sales of an e-commerce store some of which are mentioned in the blog along with a case study of an antique sunglass company.

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