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What is an e-commerce website?

E-Commerce or electronic commerce is the process of in which consumers purchase goods and services online and processing their payment. An E-Commerce web Design Company, enables users to locate their product(s), add them to their “cart,” and securely input their payment information to finish their transaction.

Since the introduction of credit card processing on the internet, E-Commerce has infiltrated society and into our everyday lives. With Covid and recent developments, E-Commerce was expanded by more than 44% in Q2 of 2020 alone and is still growing rapidly.

Today, just about every product or service is for sale on the web, whether via a dedicated E-Commerce web Design Company or other ways.

In the past few decades, more and more individuals are shopping online and enjoying the advantages that E-Commerce delivers, such as enhanced convenience, reduced pricing, and sales tax exemptions.

E-Commerce website operates as a virtual shop wherever transactions and commerce may take place.

E-Commerce may emerge in many different forms:

  • Retail: Products are sold by companies directly to an end-level customer without intermediate participation.
  • Wholesale: Products are sold in quantity, either directly to the customer, or to wholesalers/distributors.
  • Dropshipping: Products are sold online. But distributed directly to the customer by a third party that controls inventory, order fulfilment, and other logistics.
  • Crowdfunding: Consumers pool money, frequently in advance of an expected product coming to market, to generate startup capital, leverage purchasing power, lower product prices, etc.
  • Subscription: Recurring purchases for items or services are automatic until the subscriber decides to cancel or adjust their subscription level.
  • Digital Things: Most people think of physical products, although many E-Commerce transactions involve the sale of digital products, such as music, movies, audio and video files, templates, software, etc.)
  • Services: Skilled labor or services may be obtained digitally. Such as hiring an Uber driver or paying someone to do your errands online.

Different Kinds of E-commerce Website Models

B2B or Business to Business

Business-to-Business transaction of nearly 15 billion was made in the fiscal year 2020 globally, which is over five folds the B2C market. Business-to-Business E-commerce is the dealing of goods and services between businesses. It includes sales through digital modes between dealers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers.

Because of B2B E-commerce, sales get more efficient and effective as firms now have global access to the prices and qualities of different products. So they can decide, which product or service is the best fit for them. It also resulted in the expansion of businesses and exposure of their unique products to the international market.

B2C or Business to Consumer

B2C refers to the online dealing of products and services directly between the business and the customers (End-users of the products). This business model eliminates the role of all kinds of middle persons like dealers, wholesalers, and shopkeepers.

It became extremely popular in the 1990s when Dotcom booms. Dotcom was used to refer to the organizations which sell their goods and services online directly to the customers.

C2C or Consumer to Consumer

It refers to the business environment which allows the selling and purchasing of goods from one consumer to other consumers using third-party e-commerce platforms. A common term used for these platforms is ‘marketplace’.

 Its main benefit is cost saving. The absence of any middleman makes the product or service economical for both the seller and the buyer.

C2B or Consumer to Business

Consumer-to-business E-Commerce is used to describe the business model where customers provide value to the business. In short, end user provide content, data, or product that is utilized by an organization to complete a business process. To simplify, reference programs, information sharing, and paid testimonials are all examples of C2B business 

Reasons to have an E-commerce web Design Company

24hours Availability 

Making an e-commerce website makes it easy for customers to shop anytime as the time limit is boundless. They can shop according to their schedule as unlike shops and markets. A website is not getting closed, it is available for 24hours and 365days.

No Geographic Restrictions

Another major reason to make an e-commerce site for your business is that you get global access as your store will be available all over the world. It allows us to get global Clients and Customize the price and product availability according to the location. It is also a great way of brand advertisement as opening stores at different locations is a very expensive approach.

Possible to Operate it Digitally

Having an e-commerce site reduces the burden on the business operators as it organizes the data of customers and their orders all by itself. It also helps to categorize and analyze the type of customers. Secondly, it reduces their work by reducing the customer walk-in at physical stores and allows them to collect the order data digitally and send all orders together.

Easy Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and social media marketing is a lot easy when you have an e-commerce website for your business as it helps your customers to understand your business more efficiently and react to it at the same time. They can purchase, wishlist or share the product details immediately after they get the ad.

Reasons to Hire an Ecommerce web Design Company


There are 24 million e-commerce websites today working in different parts of the world, your web development is crucial to ensure your site stands out from other competitors.

Require Coding Skills

 The main reason to hire an expert or a company Ecommerce web development and web Design Company is that developing a website is a complicated process. A person is needed to an expert in coding languages to make a quality website. Even if a person knows a coding language then also it’s a tricky job because experience also matters to manage its performance, customer experience, and browser consistency.

Have Proper Knowledge of the Latest Plugins

Web development companies create these websites frequently, so they have information about all the latest plugins and their updated versions. Not using effective plugins can affect the consumer experience negatively, which in turn also affects search engine optimization.

Discard the Possible Risks

Web development and web Designing carry certain risks with them that include data and identity theft, maintaining brand reputation, and interface analyses. Professionals hired by the companies take all the measures to lower or discard all the risks related to the creation of a website.

Needs Regular Maintenance for the Best Performance

Maintaining a website requires regular work and changes to improve its performance. It’s hard for a person to take care of his business and maintain an e-commerce website all by himself, so hiring professionals to take care of the website is a perfect solution for that situation.

Provides Cost-effective Solutions

Cost for web development and designing varies on various factors such as:

  • Project and its size
  • Complexity of features
  • Selected technologies
  • Cost of outsourced services like plugins
  • Design animations

Keeping all of it in mind, it is hard for an inexperienced person to make the process as economical as possible.

Things to keep in mind before hiring any digital, web Design Company

Understand your Business and your Targeted Customers

Website plays a key role in trust building. So it is important that before making the website, the person responsible to make it should understand the business and audience. So that work can done according to the requirement of customers and the nature of business.

Simplify your Business Website

 The interface of the Website should be simple and clear. Website visitors should have a clear idea about the business and the product or services provided by it. In short, the creation of a user-friendly website. If it will complex it will highly unlikely that prospects will convert into clients.

Able to Work on Resolving the Issues Immediately

Many website-related issues require immediate assistance. For example, Heavy plug-ins got conflicted also sometimes glitches related to third-party themes used in the website also become an issue. So, it is better to hire a company that can take care of these things before any kind of loss happen. 

Have a Good Portfolio and Good Client Reviews

According to a study, 31% of the sales of any business are based on customer reviews. The same in the case of hiring a web Development Company. If a company is carrying a good portfolio and has more than 90 percent satisfactory customer reviews, it can be trusted. Read More about web design.

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