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The power of brand storytelling through design- Embtel Solutions
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Brand storytelling evokes an emotional response, while also integrating facts about a company. We have moved far beyond the traditional advertising technique of stating, “Our product is the very best, thus you should purchase it!” Now, folks want to understand why it is the very best, the way it’s created and that are the founders behind this product.

Why do they want to know? Because people love a good story.

Brand stories don’t need to be too elaborate. Aim for easy, yet purposeful. People love a memorable narrative that captivates their focus. Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur, or at the preliminary phases of your business or preparing to get a rebrand, storytelling can enhance the way that your audience engages with your product or company. Here’s how you can harness the power of new storytelling through the layout.

Branding is all about storytelling

Branding is both an idea and an image people have of a product, service, or business. Storytelling impacts your viewers by tying the concept and image collectively –in a visceral manner.

Champion a narrative to get people talking about your organization. Keep in mind, dental histories and folklores withstood time since communities loved sharing with the narratives. Having a great story, your audience moves from being admirers to habitual consumers who speak highly of your business and truly believe in you.

Nevertheless, storytelling may even alleviate advertising expenses by fostering word of mouthwatering.

People today remember great tales and also excellent layouts. Branding works best when a company’s name, logo, and visuals activate a mix of psychological and physical reactions that elicit feelings of how a business needs to make them feel. For instance, if you see the Starbucks siren logo, you ought to have a physical craving for their java and an emotional link to the mission of bringing high-quality coffee to everybody.

Brand storytelling and layout intimately work together to direct the way in which individuals interact with their own brand.

How to brand storytelling

Brand storytelling for your venture should be intuitive and enjoyable –not overpowering.

Start by identifying the vital elements of your fresh, then elaborate on these. For instance, Apple defined its core brand story as user-friendly, good-looking layout and simplicity. They let that story throughout their whole brand style, using a minimalist logo, product design, packaging, UX and UI.

Here are 4 simple steps to help you start thinking like an author of your business’s brand story:

1. Identify your storytelling

How do you understand what story? Consider what made you want to begin your company in the first place. Integrate that fire in your narrative.

Start creating an official summary of what you value most and turn that into your assignment statement.

Your mission statement should also encompass the following:

  • Your product or service
  • Your target audience
  • Your location
  • Your industry
  • Your values
  • Why you’re different

Your mission statement does not have to state all the listed points above, but these categories will act as a stepping stone to formulating your story. When there’s something special about the place you are geographically located, highlight it. If you target a very niche audience, title them. Only include details that would help spread the word about your company and provoke psychological connections.

Your brand is so much more than the five W’s (who, what, when, where and why). You might have a cause-based brand new. Or need to highlight specific values. Emphasize and embed those on your story. And remember: not each brand’s narrative appeals to everybody. Remain true to your viewers and your brand identity.

2. Research your competitors

Check out firms that are in your own industry. How can your story differ from theirs? How does their new storytelling work and what style elements do they use to inform their story?

Let’s take a moment to compare these two coffee brands: 205 Degrees and Office Coffee Supply.

205 Degrees is dialed into the cultural story of Nicaragua by highlighting cultural symbols of people and coffee in their own packaging. The newest features very bold, vibrant and elaborate packaging which makes the coffee stick out from the common hues of green and brown java packaging.

3. Figure out what you’ll need

Start building a project summary of resources you believe would best help you tell your brand narrative –and do not get stuck using a linear strategy. List any resources that you may want:”that I am looking to spread my business by means of a website. I need the following assets to do so: emblem, photos, and images. ” Think about the current stage of your business and where you would wish to go in the future. Be strategic about the channels you will use to tell your own story.

4. Tell your brand story through look and feel

Once you establish what assets you want to begin with, pick how you want your story to be informed with keywords, photographs of inspiration, logos, and colors that evoke the feeling of your own brand. This can help enhance the communication between you and the designer when it comes to designing your new. Be cautious with references of symbols and colors that you choose to evoke inside your style to tell your own story. You do not need to lose out on a potential consumer.

From that point, you can work with a designer to consistently take your brand storytelling through all your layouts. Audiences look for consequences. Strong, consistent visuals may have people feel that a new has done their careful research in presenting itself with a specific image and regular that match their story. This is your opportunity to inform your brand story through the appearance and texture of your new layout, thus make the most of it.

You’re the author of your storytelling, a designer can make it come to life

You are aware of what your story is. You’ve gathered all of the data you want regarding your organization. You’ve weighed the importance of your core values and analyzed what will make the maximum impact for your brand. Now it’s time to meet up with a designer to make your story to life.

Brand storytelling isn’t without the perfect design. Let your design do the work of creating your new memorable for generations to come.

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