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Table of contents– What Is a Marketing Agency

  • How can a Marketing Agency assist you?
  • Types of Agencies & Services
  • Benefits
  • How Much Does a Marketing Agency Cost?
  • Embtel solutions is a Full-Service Marketing Agency!


Global marketing expenditure is expected to exceed $1.4 trillion in 2021, with digital marketing spending reaching $306 billion. Looking for the best place to put your marketing budget this year?

Many small and medium and small-sized companies (SMBs) turn to marketing firms to help them answer that question and optimize the return on their marketing investments.

To choose the finest marketing agency partner, you must first understand what a marketing agency performs and what services they provide. In this piece, we’ll address the question, “What is a marketing agency?” and address the factors, on the basis of which, you can choose the right marketing agency for you.


What does a marketing agency do?

First, consider the meaning of “marketing agency.” Marketing agencies, often known as marketing firms or marketing businesses, assist customers in implementing and managing promotional operations and strategies in order to accomplish their company objectives.

Here’s a rundown of how a Digital marketing agency can help your company:

  1. Identify effective marketing strategies: Marketing firms collaborate with customers to identify marketing techniques that will provide the greatest business outcomes and increase ROI.
  2. Execute marketing programs: Marketing companies implement and manage advertising campaigns for clients.
  3. Supervise market activities and use data to enhance campaign outcomes: Marketing agencies monitor several factors of the market which in turn helps to improve campaign results.

Marketing services provided by different types of marketing companies:

Full-service digital marketing agency

Working with a full-service Digital marketing agency enables you to access a variety of services, such as:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Website maintenance

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Content marketing

Email marketing

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Web design and development

Social media management and social media advertising

Review management

And more!

If you want access to a number of marketing services, you’ll want to partner with a full-service marketing agency (website link) like Embtel solutions.


Specialized marketing agency

These are the marketing agencies which are specialized in providing any one or a couple of services from the list mentioned above. For instance, an SEO company can only help you with services related to SEO and a web design company can only make websites for your business. Unlike full-service marketing agencies, they are not going to provide you with end-to-end service.

Embtel solutions have a specialized team for every service related to marketing so that we can deliver the best results to our clients for any service related to marketing.


Traditional marketing agency

Services in traditional marketing are totally different from those in digital marketing. Traditional marketing is also an effective method of marketing, however, it could be a burden on your pocket. These services include:

Public relations

Brand management

Print marketing

Broadcast marketing on television or radio

Ultimately, the sort of marketing agency that is suitable for your SMB will be determined by your demands, budget, and company objectives. 


Benefits of hiring a marketing agency:

If you’re not positive that approaching a marketing company to enhance your sales is the appropriate decision for your company, examine the following three marketing agency benefits

  1. Marketing firms may assist you in determining effective techniques.

 If you are not sure about the kinds of services and marketing methods beneficial to your company? 

A good marketing firm can assist you in developing an overall marketing plan that will provide the best possible outcomes for your company.

 With a strong plan, you’ll be able to properly analyze the influence of your marketing –and discover the platforms that contribute the most to your objectives.

 2. Marketing companies assist you in planning and outreach strategies.

 Marketing services may assist you if you are not perfect in providing the technical 

Competence is required to establish and maintain campaigns. 

Working with a marketing firm offers you access to experienced professionals who can handle your campaigns efficiently while you can concentrate on operating your 


You can divert time, effort, and focus toward managing your company and achieving your long-term goals.

 3. Marketing companies assist you in tracking results and optimizing strategies.

 Marketing plans need supervision and modification to provide the greatest results —and marketing organizations will keep an eye on the core of your efforts. 

Custom reports are offered by Embtel Solutions, so you can see precisely where your 

Marketing dollars are going.

If you are unsatisfied with the outcomes of a particular channel, agencies may assist 

You in adjusting your campaigns or channel expenditure to the solutions that contribute the most to your objectives. 


Measuring the stats that affect the final decision.

Measuring the KPIs that have an impact on your bottom line.

Do you want personalized reports tailored to your particular business requirements? Embtel solutions, provide personalized reports based on the KPIs that are most important to your business.

  • Leads
  • Transactions
  • Calls
  • Revenue


How much does a marketing agency cost?

How much does a marketing firm charge?

After studying about marketing agency?” Many consumers are curious about how much marketing companies bill for their services.

The cost of a marketing agency varies substantially based on the kind of firm and services selected. Some organizations offer a set price per job, while others demand an hourly fee. In general, SMBs should budget for the following marketing agency services.

  • SEO: $500 – $20,000+ per month 
  • PPC: 5-20% of monthly ad expenditure 
  • SMM: $250 – $10,000 per month 
  • Email marketing: $300 – $2500 per month 
  • Website designing: $2500 – $100k 

Embtel solution provides all the services at affordable prices with high-quality work Contact Embtel solutions at (510)350-1195 for a more detailed quote for digital marketing services expenses! 

93% of Embtel’s customers are highly satisfied with their digital marketing results.

“When working with embtel solutions you can relax, and you will get excellent service. Their best knowledge and experience in website designing made my husband’s webpage beyond our expectations.” Simi.k

View Additional Client Testimonials (customer review link)


Embtel Solutions provides a broad range of marketing services!

Embtel solution has experience of more than 10 years, is known for the results they deliver for its marketing projects. This essay should have provided you with some practical advice for selecting the right firm. Are you prepared to take the next step and collaborate with award-winning digital marketing and web development agency?

Contact Embtel solutions at (510)350-1195 at mail us at [email protected] and team now to begin generating improved marketing outcomes!

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