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According to Web Tech Surveys, WordPress possesses a 60% market share of most CMS platforms and will be the very best choice for clients who want a customizable site. WordPress is the most well-known Content Management system now being used.

Unfortunately, like most CMS systems, keeping your website healthy isn’t always simple. Whether your website is just informational, for private or business use or an e-commerce website, maintaining your site is a critical practice for each and every company in 2019.

Continue reading to determine whether your WordPress site is in danger of added maintenance costs, hackers, and threats to a customer’s personal details!

WordPress at a Glance

WordPress is a free system made and constantly improved by a network of programs. While the stage itself is free of charge, you will still have to host your website through a service such as HostGator, GoDaddy, or even WordPress.com

The open source community job is readily available for anybody to use, modify and build on. This implies that there are hundreds and hundreds of available plugins, and tools (both free and for purchase) to help distinguish and customize your own site.

WordPress boasts an enormous team of individuals who are a part of the community that can help improve the stage with new releases, bug fixes, and new features that emerge daily. This makes it important to heed people update notifications for the platform in addition to the plugins from the use.

Let’s look and see how staying Current with WordPress Retains your Website and customers safe


Safety is the main reason you want to keep WordPress up so far. The same things that make WordPress so great- free, open source code, popularity, a lot of plugins available — make it the most popular target for hackers.

If you aren’t using the newest version of WordPress, then you are using software with known security vulnerabilities.

Keeping up with security updates for both WordPress and your plugins will be able to allow you to keep on the most powerful, quickest, most reliable code readily available for you and your audiences.

That can be even more important when it comes to E-commerce sites that need to remain PCI DDS compliant. Basically, the longer up to date, your CMS applications is, the easier it’ll be to guarantee the essential steps towards compliance are fulfilled.

Speed and Performance

The most frustrating thing for a customer is a slow and glitchy site and according to skilled.co, 47% of customers anticipate a page to load in two seconds or less.

Better site speed and functionality ends in a far better experience for the users. This results in additional conversions, repeat traffic, and much better search positions all. Which raises your chance to build your core audience and eventually a strong brand.

Most WordPress updates lead to performance updates that help keep your website running easy. Thus, running an older version of the platform may be slowing you down.

New Features

New versions of WordPress are not just concentrated on keeping malware and hackers out. But they are also vital to improving the item. The overarching purpose is to make the application easier and more pleasurable to use.

If you’re on an older version of WordPress, you’re missing out on each the best new features.

Bug Fixes

In accordance with Kinsta, WordPress sites compose a staggering 34% of the entire internet. Hence, the machine has to be rigorously examined before each and every release.

While most important problems are thrown out, a few “bugs” will inevitably fall through the cracks. That is the reason WordPress releases minor periodic upgrades and patches to address these issues.

Surprisingly, just 40% of WordPress sites are current! Many individuals tend to ignore the minor bug fixes that come. But they may create a huge difference in the overall health and security of your site is kept current. This will also mean less dull upkeep in the very long run of your website.


Plugin and theme developers will often coordinate their upgrades with important WordPress releases to make sure they are taking good advantage of all the new features and upgrades.

In some rare circumstances, a WordPress upgrade can break existing plugins. But only as long as their code was not originally set up correctly.

For just about every single scenario, an upgrade will improve your site’s compatibility with existing plugins and features.

Additional Resources

Keeping your website up to date can take valuable time away from you personally or your development group. That is why we created a record of our favorite resources we utilize to help keep our client sites and our own Embtel Solutions website running smoothly.

1. Cloudflare: Cloudflare is an enterprise-class internet application firewall (WAF). Which safeguards your internet real estate from common vulnerabilities enjoys SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting. And also cross-site forgery asks with no alterations to your current infrastructure.

2. Autoptimize: Autoptimize makes optimizing your site really straightforward. It can aggregate, minify and cache scripts and styles, injects CSS in the page head. But can also inline critical CSS and defer the aggregated full CSS, transfers and defers scripts into the footer and minifies HTML.

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