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Web Design Company in Fremont, Bay Area, Ca – Embtel Solutions Inc

Web Design Company in Fremont, California - Embtel Solutions Inc
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Table of contents – Web Design Company in Fremont, Bay Area, Ca

  • Introduction
  • Need best web Design Company?
  • What Is Website Design?
  • Why Is Website Design Important?
  • SMART website design
  • Conclusion


As we all know the sole purpose of making a website is to bring you more business, either by getting you direct sales through the website or indirect sales through brand awareness. But here’s the catch, many times you must have seen that business owners opt for making websites for their business but don’t find it productive, now there can be many reasons for that scenario maybe your website is missing something, or maybe you are using outdated marketing techniques. Numerous factors affect the performance of a website. Some of these reasons including the ways in which web designing companies can help you make a perfect website are discussed in this blog further;

Are you confused, Why Your Website is not bringing you more business from Fremont, Bay Area, CA?

These could be some reasons;

  • Is your website’s design dated?
  • Is your website’s design too complex or confusing?
  • Is it tough to browse your website?
  • Does your website design provide the information your visitors seek?
  • Are your calls to action clear and concise?

Do You Want to Find The Best Web Design Company in Fremont, Bay Area, Ca?

At Embtel Solutions, we design attractive, easy-to-use, and contemporary websites for businesses that turn visitors into customers. There are many website designing companies that claim and might be able to design great websites but do not understand marketing. We are marketing experts, so we can also help you with generating visitors to your website using a variety of digital marketing tactics.

Find out what your web site’s strengths and weaknesses are.

In minutes, you’ll get a full picture of your website’s performance and online visibility, including Website Design, Search Rankings, Local Listings, Reviews, Website SEO, and Social Media. Contact us at (510)350 1195 or mail us at [email protected] to get a free website evaluation report.

Before hiring anyone for website designing you must get an overview of the whole concept, its working process, and its purpose. 

What Is Website Design?

Website design refers to the design of a website that is visible on the internet. It includes all the aspects of the user experience of a website. When you talk about website designing, most web development companies focus on the desktop version of the website. But experts in Embtel solutions are familiar with the fact that the usage of phones to surf the internet is more than the use of the desktop. So we should rather concentrate on mobile-first websites that work equally well on all kinds of devices. 

A website’s look, layout (how information is arranged), content, colors, fonts, and pictures are all part of its design. When prospective consumer visits your website, you have just three seconds to catch their interest before they go. You’re losing prospective customers if your website design doesn’t make your company’s goal apparent and draws them in.

What should a Best Web design have?

  • Addresses the visitor’s issues and offers solutions
  • Encourages users to consult you or make another step toward becoming a customer
  • Instructs users to consume material in a certain sequence to enhance interest and comprehension
  • It is designed to attract the right clients for your company
  • It is aesthetically beautiful and branded according to your company
  • Simple to read and understand 

Why Is Website Design Important?

If your company does not have a website, has an outdated website, or does not attract the interest of your visitors, you are losing not just possible customers, but also referrals from those customers to other potential leads. An effective website design is tailored to your consumer base and what they expect from your company.

Over half of all Internet users are using mobile devices, and the majority of visitors research companies and their websites before making a purchase decision. A good website design is mobile-friendly and is intended to lead people straight to your business.

Another crucial aspect of website design is content. Your website’s content should include several keywords connected to your company. This includes your company’s location (for example, “Sacramento” or “Arizona”); keywords related to your business (for example, “lawyer,” “chiropractor,” or “toy store”); questions people may search (“what is website design?” or “when do I need a lawyer?”); and other words, phrases, and questions that potential customers may type into a search engine.

How Can a Great Web Benefit My Business?

The SMART website design by Embtel solution was built by digital marketing specialists to optimize website traffic, enhance conversion rates, and place your website on the first page of search results. Because the great maximum Internet users do not go beyond the opening page of search engine results, you are losing prospective customers if you are not on the first page. If you need any help doing that, contact our experts at (510) 3501195 or mail us at [email protected]

Here is a Brief Strategy We Follow to Develop a SMART Web Design

Social Media integration

Customers are led to your website and invited to follow you on social media by integrating your business’s social media accounts with your website. This increases your digital presence as well as consumer interaction. Social media links also used by search engines as one of the elements in their search results.

Marketing strategically

Search engines are used by about 90% of Internet users to locate information about goods, services, or enterprises. SMART websites have a special emphasis on Optimization according to search engines, which means that your company’s website is exactly what search engines seek when ranking websites. You are losing potential customers if your website was not developed with smart intelligence.

Artistically Designed

Embtel solutions start the web development by using your brand colors — the colors in your logo and possibly several complementary colors to create a modern, branded, and bespoke website design that focuses specifically on your customer base and what they desire in a website. When dynamic layouts are combined with company branding, the outcome is an efficient, creative, and productive website.

Rich content

You may build a rich experience for consumers that visit your website through strategic content and video creation, and promotions, which will enhance your conversion rate and drive them to your online shop, or physical location, or lead them to perform other actions on your website.

Traffic conversion

Website design is all about generating website traffic and converting potential clients that visit your website. Customers will navigate their way to your website without you having to do anything. Customers that visit your e-commerce website may shop on their schedule, without increasing any workforce by you. When you pair that with paid visitor advertising, targeting the precise areas and demographics you want, you’ll be generating money while you sleep.


A good website design company will keep all the perspectives mentioned above in mind. It will help to create a website that is not just to open and watch, instead, it will generate some business and make money. An experienced website design company will help you to enhance brand awareness and make it more popular.

So it is very important to choose a web design company that is familiar with all the tactics and hidden concepts of the process and will give you benefit in terms of money. Embtel solutions can be a perfect fit if you are looking for a web design company in Fremont, Bay Area, California. Contact at +1(510) 350-1195 or send an email to [email protected].

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