Top 50 Latest Design Landing Pages for Pricing Page

In: Web Design

Inspiron has created a new design for its pricing page, making it easier to navigate and more attractive. Their goal is to make the process of comparing plans quick and easy.

The Inspiron team has worked hard on these new designs, with several landing pages specifically designed for different categories such as Business, Freelance, CRM, Corporate, WordPress, and many more. Explore several and choose the best one that suits your business needs.

  • Retool

  • New.Cauldron

  • Twingate

  • Typedesk

  • Designjoy

  • Productboard

  • Rezi

  • Transferwise 

  • Zenefits

  • Readme

  • Notion

  • Plutio

  • Getflow

  • Bizplan

  • Backerkit

  •  Looka

  • Upflow

  • Onemetric

  • Airbase

  • Indinero

  • Activecollab

  • Asana

  • Getballpark

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