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Marketing and Advertising, With the speed in which modern technologies are growing and evolving, it is not surprising that everything that depends on it has to proceed at a similarly breakneck rate. Digital marketing is no exception.

With constant updates, new techniques, and changes to algorithms, digital marketers are frequently scrambling just to maintain. Getting aware of continuing or emerging trends is a very important part of staying along with the match.

With a new decade quickly approaching, below are a few of the top Marketing and Advertising styles for 2020.

Shoppable Posts

It is highly unlikely you know anyone who doesn’t use some type of social media. Considering its ubiquitous nature, social media has understandably become an essential component of online Marketing and Advertising. What might not be obvious is exactly how many consumers shop on social media networks.

This represents a huge opportunity for businesses, provided that 72% of Instagram consumers have purchased a product on the app. Even more notable, a survey of more than 4,000 Pinterest users found that 70% utilize Pinterest to find new and interesting products.

Fortunately for retailers, these programs also have made it easier for them to use the ability of social media to reach their clients. If you use Facebook, Pinterest or even Instagram, there are actually ways for e-commerce shops to make shoppable posts, making it effortless for users to shop directly from the article.

Social media supplies you with the ability to reach new clients fast and easily, shortening the sales funnel and making it easier for customers to shop. By 2020, shoppable posts are expected to be the norm.

Virtual And Augmented Reality

In recent years, the two augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have come to be hugely popular and are emerging as leading trends in marketing. In 2020, AR is expected to exceed VR in fame, despite VR’s early lead.

Already, many important businesses are making use of AR. Ikea, by way of example, has a program which allows users to picture what a piece of furniture would look like in their own house before making a buy.

Interactive Content, Marketing and Advertising

Today’s buyers are looking for new adventures when they move online, and for many, that means better interactivity. In actuality, a whopping 91 percent are seeking more visual and interactive content. There are several reasons for it:

  • This type of content serves to keep visitors on your page longer.

  • Interactive content is immensely shareable, and when users share this content, it helps to grow awareness of your brand.

  • Interactive content is different and new, and as such, it stands out more.

  • Simply put, interactive content is more engaging. Users enjoy it more than other content.


2020 is going to be the year of personalized marketing. Consumers are quite adept at tuning out generic advertisements which have no true connection to them. Accordingly, traditional ways of advertising are becoming less effective. Therefore, what can be accomplished? Personalize it!

In a survey of 1,000 individuals, 90% remarked they found personalization appealing. More significant for your company is the fact that 80% confessed they would be more inclined to give their company to a business that provided them a personalized experience.

Email lists are an old standby of entrepreneurs, and they lend themselves nicely to personalization. Segmented lists with customized email blasts are proven to perform compared to generic emails delivered to a whole list. Do not miss this opportunity to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Google Ads Smart Bidding

Those involved in electronic advertising are already familiar with automation. But today Google has announced Google Ads upgrades. Which will likely result in automation and smart bidding becoming the new standard.

Google Advertisements use machine learning in order to maximize your requirements. This gives you a few new abilities to help you optimize your conversion, including:

  • The ability to set your bids to change automatically when sales start or stop.

  • The ability to optimize bids over multiple campaigns with a chosen set of conversion actions.

  • The ability to choose conversion action at the campaign level.

While there are various new trends to keep your eye, that does not indicate that each of the old approaches has become obsolete. In reality, there are several advertising trends that have been large in the past and are anticipated to last into 2020.

Content Marketing and Advertising

For years, “content is king” has been the axiom of digital marketing. As we move into 2020.

High-quality content permits you to demonstrate your experience and speak with your customers from an area of authority. Your content is also what search engines supply to searchers on the web, so continuing to create high-quality articles is essential.

Video Content

Clients respond well to visual information, making video significant digital Marketing and Advertising instruments in 2019. It’ll continue to be important into 2020 and probably beyond that.

Do not overlook live video. Typically, live videos on Facebook Live and Instagram Live maintain your viewers viewing three times longer than recorded ones. The daily watch time for Facebook Live movies have quadrupled in a single calendar year. And they produce six times as many interactions as conventional videos. Read More!

SERP Position Zero 

Being No. 1 is no longer the goal.

The very best place in SERP is currently position zero, a featured snippet of text appearing over the search results. This prime location frequently provides information relating to the search query. While also offering a URL to the webpage where the info is drawn.

Position zero is the very first, and sometimes only, result that some users will view. Therefore, it is highly coveted and must be the focus of your efforts.

While many business owners value the simple fact that marketing continues to change at a speedy pace, individuals who are ready to adapt and evolve will continue to attract high-quality clients in a digital world. Read More!

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