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Social media strategy, There was a time when a salesman used to bring the products to our doors with a perfect sales pitch and make us believe that their product has the potential to change the world. It was the direct way of marketing which was not very popular among the people. People were used to turning them down politely, but over the years they have evolved, the world has evolved, and so does the marketing.

From knocking doors to the pop-up requests for subscription, marketing has managed to disguise itself well in the technological cloth. People are surrounded by marketing tactics without even realizing it. Social Media has become an integral part of our lives, and that’s why the companies have decided to build their marketing strategies around this web-slinger.

So, have you built the social media marketing strategy to pitch your product among your target audience in this world of cyber-ninjas? If yes, then you may want to check it whether it’s trendy enough for your social network or not, and if your answer is no, then you must read this to build your strategy effectively.

The world of the NETIZENS!

We believe that sooner or later the civilian of every country will be called a NETIZEN rather than a CITIZEN. As every citizen is on the net accessing information which they most relate to, the corporations are preparing themselves to do the bombarding in this virtual environment with their best cyber gurus (mostly the youngsters as they are commonly believed to have more knowledge about social media advertising).

If your strategy is precise enough then, your execution will surely be better than any other company.

1. Keep your social media strategy S.M.A.R.T enough

The human has built smartphones and smart TVs, so, only human can build a smart strategy for your company as well. Keep your strategies SMART which means:

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Relevant
T – Time-bound

Set realistic goals and keep checking whether you’re meeting them or not. Keep your strategy focused for a few social media channels rather than going all out and achieving nothing. Select the social media channels on which your target group spends the most time. Set and measure the realistic KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) timely to keep your goals in check and change it frequently to meet the competitive needs. Read More about Social Media

2. Take lessons from the competition:

Social Media advertising has become the known norm to everyone, so, there are high chances that your competitors are already present there. You must learn from their social handles:

How they curate content for their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn? And Frequently do they post their content on these channels?
How they engage their audiences?

Take note of everything while you’re making a social media marketing plan for your client or company.

3. An ode to your audience:

People are different in general, not everyone uses Social Media in a similar way, some use it to see the YouTube videos, some use it to chat with their friends on Facebook & WhatsApp, some laugh it out loud on the various memes available at Instagram and some of us use it to gain information from Twitter. Social media managers must take care of their audience’s preferences so, they can advertise their content on these social media apps and sites effectively.

4. Meet the metrics:

Generating content without analyzing the effect of it can take you to the unknown territories of illusion. It’s the misuse of resources and talent at hand if you keep on posting the data without acknowledging the results of it, too many businesses do the same, but you must not follow the rest, and apply the policies from the best.

It means that you must follow the social media metrics. Each and every business may root for different metrics such as conversion rate, engagement rate, cost per acquisition, cost per mile, etc. You must identify it for your business and keep track of it on a timely basis.

Effective social media strategy is rooted in its numbers, and you must keep an eye on it.

5. Create the content calendar:

To meet your marketing needs, it’s very important to create a content calendar that will help you organize marketing efforts in an efficient way. It allows you to plan your activities – from image posting and link sharing to blog posts and videos. Your calendar assures that your content is published in a spaced-out manner.

When your calendar is ready, you can use the scheduling tools to prepare your posting in advance. It allows you to craft your strategies in an effective form which eventually helps you to achieve desired goals.

There are no proper guidelines on when and how many times you should post your content in a week. You can learn this from experience and by analyzing your audience’s behavior.

6. Track and Evaluate your results:

Sometimes, some of your strategies work better than expectations, and sometimes they fail miserably. So, it’s an ideal situation to track and evaluate your results constantly. When you start getting the data from your campaigns and strategies, you must re-evaluate regularly to check whether you’re meeting the needs and expectations.

In this digital world, everything changes quickly. New technologies erupt, while old ones go in drastic changes. Your business must survive these periods of change and to protect yourself from digital shifts, strategies will help. This living document that you regularly update will be your only go-to place in the time of emergency. But remember, whenever you make changes in this important document, make sure you let your team members know about this so that you can all work together to help your business make the most of your social media handles.

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