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Social Media Marketing Trends for 2020 and Beyond:

♦ VR and AR:

When you think of social media, you might not immediately picture implementing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. That’s going to change in 2020 and beyond.

Snapchat is the initial platform to make the most of AR. Through its support, folks are able to use AR to assess what a product looks like once worn out before they move to buy.

They could almost try on a couple of glasses, including.

♦ Social Videos:

Take a moment to scroll through Facebook. In only moments you’ll get bombarded with videos.

They’re quickly growing into the number one kind of material people on social Media Marketing digest. Don’t get left to implement videos into your social media marketing strategies!

Keep in mind that videos on social media ought to be short. There are numerous distractions on platforms like Facebook. The shorter your movies, the more inclined people will watch them to the ending.

♦ Social Media Marketing for Customer Service:

Many firms now shift their customer support to social media platforms. Utilizing platforms like the app to answer inquiries and resolve customer issues is rapidly becoming the norm.

Fortunately, even Facebook realizes this trend and implemented the choice to utilize auto-replies along with chatbots.

These instruments reduce manual labor, delegating the majority of the work to artificial intelligence (AI). We are going to talk about how chatbots are an increasing trend.

That said, don’t put your eggs all in 1 basket. You need to still have conventional customer support, if on a private phone line or chat platform on your own website.

♦ Stronger Influencer Media Marketing:

Did you know 40% of people purchased a product after viewing their favorite influencer feature it on their channel?

This is one reason why you view sponsorships spike in popularity among platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. People would rather purchase products if they find it in action.

Your video advertisements could be amazing and emotional but there is always the understanding that ads over-dress a product. Consumers get the impression the influencers showcase products as they are, with no over-dressing, and believe this kind of article more.

Influencers also have thousands of followers. If you click using the influencer, you could obtain the interest of each of their followers too.

♦ Shoppable Posts:

One-stop shopping will be the future of social media. Do not force people to visit your site through social media portals. Let them shop right via shoppable articles.

Plugins such as Shopify already contain this capability. Did you get onto Instagram and upload a new poster ad of a woman wearing your organization’s most recent bag?

Let’s click on such a bag and purchase the bag without leaving Instagram!

This prioritizes convenience and significantly reduces the steps people need to do.

As previously mentioned, there are too many distractions on social media. You need to be one of these distractions, grabbing people’s attention as they scroll down their own feed! Shoppable posts convince people to purchase since they instantly believe that they can purchase and then keep scrolling down.

♦ Interactive Content:

When it comes to interactive articles, Facebook and Pinterest reign supreme.

This trend is only going to continue to grow in 2020 since the audience no longer needs passive marketing. Let your audience participate.

What type of interactive content can you try out?

Start with the basics. Introduce polls and conduct Facebook Live videos to sponsor Q&A sessions. These may help you connect with your customers.

♦ Chatbots:

AI and social media go well together. We already mentioned chatbots above but let’s dive deeper into how they’re one of the top trends of 2020.

Chatbots automate much of the manual work. You don’t need a dozen or so people answering messages on Messenger or Instagram anymore. Let AI handle it for you.

Make sure you anticipate the most common questions and program the proper answers for those queries. Make your chatbots smarter to ensure people don’t get frustrated.

♦ Shift to Other Platforms:

Facebook is still the king of the hill when it comes to social media but there are many rising new platforms on the horizon.

Tik-Tok, Snapchat, and Pinterest are quickly gaining traction. YouTube, while primarily a video platform, is also a Media Marketing corner so you can’t ignore it either.

Not sure about all these platforms and which one fits your campaign? Don’t go in blindly. Call experts, like the folks at SEOJet, to help you formulate a proper strategy.

♦ Step Into the Future of Social Media Marketing Today!

Social media marketing is never stale. Platforms continue to grow and evolve and so should your strategies.

The future of social media isn’t only one thing it involves multiple moving parts.

Don’t stop with these social Media Marketing tips, however. If you want to learn more marketing trends and strategies, feel free to explore our other guides now. We offer more tips and tricks for you to implement and grow from!

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