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10 Social Media Myths, Social media is an effective medium or channel. Which can enhance business profitability in the shortest time frame. A versatile medium, it provides tremendous opportunities for businesses to explore social media landscapes and transform every day.

However, as a marketer, it’s important to identify myths from reality in order to create an effective social media strategy. And although data has disproven several marketing myths today, some marketers will still hold on to a few, simply because it’s hard to keep up to date on what’s really going on with social media. Major marketing strategy of the past decade social media has had plenty of time to accumulate some big, inaccurate, myths. Web Design, Social Media, and Digital Marketing Best Practices that are actually considered as Myths.

Some common online and social media marketing myths that you should better ignore:

1. If you only post your own content you are a spammer:

 Posting on social media is about providing value. If you have enough valuable content and information you can share, even if it is your own content! to have content that is high effort and polished (thought leadership), AND content that is lower effort and less polished, but addresses specific questions of your customers/prospects.

This lower effort content is often created by your employees and your customers, themselves. Content is fire. Social media is gasoline. Use social to drive awareness of your content more so than awareness of your company. Like social and email, content and social should work very closely together.

2. You should only try to get fans and followers that will become customers:

Quality is important, yes, but don’t underestimate the power of a large social reach. Remember, some of these points next time you bemoan gaining a fan or follower that lives outside of your sales territory or target demographic:

More fans and followers mean you’re gaining access to their fans and followers. If they’re an influencer, their clout transfers to you by association. When they share your content, your SEO improves. They may still refer to business your way.

3.  You should join every single social media network immediately:

Just because I can name a lot of social networks, it doesn’t mean I should set up a profile on all of them. By all means, research other social networks. Set up a company profile or page and give ’em the old college try. But you may find that some aren’t really worth your time.

If that’s the case, consider removing your profile and move on. You should only devote time and resources to the platforms that align most with your audience and marketing tactics. Once you understand what you are doing on social media, automation will be a game-changer and the key to unlocking social media marketing success.

4. Reposting content is bad:

 On Twitter your post content once,  only a fraction of your followers will have seen this tweet. so tweet the content again and again at a different time of the day. But make sure you share a large variety of content. On Facebook, you can re-share content that you have already posted and your audience will love it. Because most of them will either not remember or they did not even see it the first time around.

5. You shouldn’t talk about your business:

This is one major myth that is killing opportunities for many young businesses and bloggers. Don’t sit back and wait for a miracle–take your success into your own hands and start distributing your content!

6. Social media marketing tactics don’t drive bottom-line results:

Piggybacking off of the sixth myth, you can actually generate value beyond just “engagement” and “brand equity” from social media. Social media drives leads and customers, period.

Here are a few stats you should know:

  • Companies that use Twitter average 2X more leads than those that don’t.
  • Companies with 1000+ more Twitter followers get 6X more traffic.
  • 45% of marketers note social media has a below-average cost-per-lead compared to other channels.
  • 62% of companies using LinkedIn for marketing have gained a customer from it.
  • 52% of companies using Facebook for marketing have gained a customer from it.
  • 44% of companies using Twitter for marketing have gained a customer from it.

7. It looks tacky to seem relatable as a brand on social media:

The content you publish on social media should always keep your target audience in mind — but that doesn’t mean you can’t also publish content that shows your brand’s personality. Or, frankly, even your community manager’s personality.

There are people behind your company; don’t be afraid to show that with your own special brand of humor, pictures of people that work at your company. And links to news content that you find entertaining. Even if it’s not directly related to your industry.

8. Social media makes email marketing redundant:

Many businesses nowadays think that email marketing is a relic of the past because they can use more advanced features of social media to directly connect with their users. In fact, just like other traditional mediums, email marketing complements social media strategy and enhances your brand visibility. It is a must if you intend to launch an effective marketing campaign online.

9. You do not need to pay for anything on social media: 

Social media is a free channel and there is no doubt about that. However, there are some specific services or free social media tools that you can use after paying a nominal amount. For example, you can run a paid campaign for your social media updates.

These populate the same on a dashboard, showing toward your target audiences to get maximum views from the potential customers. It personalizes the prime example of Facebook branding, which effortlessly draws the attention of the customers to your brand.

10. Social media is a youth-centric channel:

When we talk about common myths related to social media, how can we not talk about the most important? Does it state that it is a youth-oriented channel? Well, yes, there are several young users on various social media platforms.

However, that doesn’t mean that the older generation isn’t lying quietly! According to many studies, many of them are equally active on various platforms. So, make sure that your content and approach on social media also takes into consideration every type of user. Age groups should not be taken into consideration.

To Conclude:

Now you know what the myths are. Therefore, it is time to debunk them and use the powerful platform to rope in success for your business. This will surely help you realize the maximum potential of your channel.

According to you, which one is the most dangerous social media myth?

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