Last year, our clients saw a 200%+ boost in site traffic.

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Increase in mobile traffic


Increase in organic site traffic


Increase in total site traffic

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A&A Thermal Spray


Increase in total site traffic


Increase in organic site traffic


Decreased bounce rate

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Increase in mobile traffic


Increase in organic site traffic


Increase in total site traffic

Why Choose Embtel Solutions ForSearch Engine Optimization

Increase Online Awareness

Everyone is searching for products or services on search engines.

Businesses Need SEO

Search Engine Optimization is still an important and effective online marketing strategy.

Laser-Focused Team

We implement SEO best practices to drive traffic to your website(s).

Tap on the Potential of Search Giants

We have achieved a reputable track record of running top-performing Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

Dazzling Reviews

We have achieved a reputable track record of running top-performing Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

Delivering Exceptional ROI

Our team works diligently to ensure the best possible return on investment for your SEO investment.


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Clients rave about our robust ecommerce solutions. Our ecommerce experts will help you save time and increase sales.
Embtel Solutions is a one stop shop to outsource your website, online marketing and also content.
William Woo
I highly and personally recommend Embtel Solutions to anyone who is in the market for the services that they offer.
Richard Brunhouse
Fremont, CA

How Embtel Solutions PerformsSearch Engine Optimization

What You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is a methodology for growing a website’s visibility. They are also known as the unpaid results that are shown in search engine result pages. SEO involves creative and technical fundamentals to improve rankings and increase awareness of sites in search engines.
SEO works on the principal of satisfying search engine algorithms. Search engines use algorithms to analyze and sort websites. The websites that match the algorithms with the highest relevancy get to top spots in search results. The algorithms are decoded by search engine optimizers. Our SEO specialists can put you at the top of search lists in order to gain more traffic to your website.
Even though social media can generate visits to your site, web traffic is mostly driven by major search engines like Yahoo!, Bing and Google. Search engines provide targeted traffic – which are people looking for what you offer, thus making search engines unique.

SEO provides unmatched insight into your customers.
It’s a marketing strategy that can make a business become competitively advantaged.
SEO works forever. It never goes off, thus providing lasting promotion for organizations.
SEO is among the most cost-effective marketing methods.
SEO leads to increased sales.

There are a lot of choices when looking at building or expanding your business website. How do you know which the best choice is? That can depend on a number of factors. For example, budget, products, services, content management systems required, apps, marketing campaigns, etc. Talk to our team of experts to get the best advice. They will help you choose the right ecommerce development solution that suits all your needs.
No, we do not use software to acquire links. Links are acquired manually by a real person. However, we do use leading SEO tools such as SEOmoz, Ahrefs, and Majestic SEO to discover, research, and analyze potential links.
There are a number for factors involved in assessing your site. For example, we will need to undertake an analysis of on-site keywords, meta tags, keyword research for your target market, sitemap strategy, undertake an assessment of competitors websites, your goals and objectives, etc. We can take you through the whole process of search engine optimization, or we can carry out an assessment of your site for you and implement strategies designed to get your site into prime position.
SEO services are a fixed monthly fee based on your target market and business goals.Give us a call at (201) 448-9010 to receive your customized strategy along with our suggested investment and performance expectations. GET STARTED NAME EMAIL ADDRESS PHONE NUMBER COMPANY SERVICES YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?



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