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With everything you need to do to run your business smoothly, it can be tempting to neglect online review sites. Yelp is a social networking site that lets users post reviews and rate businesses. When you go to a new restaurant and have a good experience, it’s likely that you won’t keep the place a secret.

The major benefit and main point of Yelp is the ease of communication most yelpers experience the site is like word-of-mouth for the digital world, and with Yelp communities popping up in most American cities and other places around the globe, it gets easier to find hot places to go to and see what other people think.

Why is Yelp important as a business owner? ​

You likely already know that online review sites are a crucial part of the reputation management strategy you employ for your business. These days, consumers look online first to get recommendations and references for every kind of service you can imagine. From restaurants to next-day blinds, people are talking online about your company.

People are also looking to Yelp when they are ready to make a purchase or book a provider. This is what is known as people who are “low in the funnel.” They are looking to buy, and soon, but just need the last bit of information to make their choice. That’s where Yelp steps in to meet them.

Understanding who is using Yelp and what they hope to get out of it is a crucial aspect of growing your business today and keeping your customers happy.

Note also that some businesses worry about Yelp reviews, concerned about disgruntled customers and the potential for bad reviews. Put simply, bad reviews will happen. However, you cannot ignore the growth of these online reviewing sites, including Yelp, because customers are not ignoring you there. Listening to and responding to all reviews (both good and bad) positions you as a business that cares about your customers.


Claiming is how you manage your Yelp Page. Claiming your page gives you access to a suite of free tools and metrics for your business. For example, you can update your hours, add details about your business, upload photos, respond to reviews—the list goes on. It allows you to bring your brand to your page.

The benefits of claiming your page go beyond branding. Businesses who claim their page and provide detailed business information are more likely to get engagement from potential customers on Yelp, including more calls and website clicks.

How to claim your business on Yelp​


Yelp is an extremely popular consumer-facing review site that has a serious influence on decision-making for people looking at places to dine out or order in.

Diners are leaving reviews, and potential customers are reading that feedback & taking action on it. Your online reputation is just as important as good old-fashioned word of mouth. Claiming your business on Yelp helps to build your credibility & allows you to engage with the ever-growing Yelp community.

The customer in your area is checking out your business on Yelp right now what do you want them to see? Your business page is like your website or physical storefront – you wouldn’t want to leave it blank or show incorrect information. That’s because consumers today double check to see if you’re open before making the effort to contact you.

Without basic details like hours and photos, they may think you’re closed and move onto the next business. Photos can help highlight all aspects of your business and paint a full picture for customers. Posting photos that accurately depict your services allows consumers to make educated decisions when they need your help. By captioning your photos, you can specifically describe what you do by detailing what is in the photos.

People searching on Yelp spend almost double the amount of time on a business page with photos, as opposed to one without. The longer they spend on your page, the more likely they are to spend money with your business.

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