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Reduce the Bounce Rate, A website is a vital factor in establishing a successful business now. For your company website to compete, it must be easy to browse, have cellular performance, comprises SEO integration, and a few other things.

By working to develop countless sites, we have developed 15 unique ways to reduce the bounce rate of raising page views, producing brand trust and growing online revenue in 2019.

1) Appealing Images

The Social Science Research Center found that 65% of people are visual learners. This usually means that they resonate with the visual aspects of a website first.

Because of websites like Instagram and Pinterest, the visual component is critical for involvement on a website now. Images of individuals will be the most appealing, as well as pictures of products and environments which could give a sense of what your company offers.

2) Readable Website Fonts

The words on your own site thing, but only as long as they are readable. This is especially true on a mobile platform, where so many individuals are using smaller displays. When in uncertainty, as a few people in the event the font on your site is readable, and if not, expand it.

3) Dynamic Content

Technology and internet development have allowed sites to have lots of moving bits. However, if you truly feel like you bombarded with too much information you’ll stay away. The trick is to get a balance between being innovative and useful. Just like most things, simplicity is key.

4) Color Schemes

Color is a very big influencer of tone and mood. You need to ensure that the colors you choose match the brand voice you’ve selected. If you avoid any colors, your website is able to appear uninspiring as well as dull. If you use a lot of color on your site, you risk making it look tacky.

5) Mobile Enabled Website

In 2019, approximately 63% of all site visits are via a mobile platform. This implies for any business to be competitive in today’s marketplace. It has to have a website that is mobile enabled. To test if your site is optimized for mobile. You can use tools like the Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

6) Accelerated Mobile Pages

The rate of access is hugely important when accessing the web in 2019.

Most consumers will pay significantly less than 3 minutes on a page that does not load. To help increase the rate of web pages, Google has supported using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

AMP web pages are essentially deconstructed web pages that only present the necessary information to the customer. Adding the AMP code on your website can also potentially increase the SERP results to your site.

7) By Resizing Images to Reduce the Bounce Rate

Because the cellular site view is much more compact than the typical background perspective, your graphics should be too. By assessing the measurements of the pictures to appropriate specifications to guarantee a smooth loading page.

8) Accurate Keywords

Keywords are precise word groupings that we type into Google to locate your type of business. The longer you integrate terms that are relevant to your company on your site, the easier it’s going to be for individuals to find it. Doing an exact keyword study will help to make sure that you’re incorporating the correct terms into your website.

9) Relevant, Updated Content

You’ve likely heard the cliche that ‘content is king’. But while it is necessary to get great content to your site visitors to browse, watch and eat, it has to be the right content. By knowing the requirements of your customers, you’ve got a far better prospect of writing and sharing useful information on your site. Over time, this can attract the proper folks that want to purchase from you.

10) Title Tags

In SEO terms, the Title Tag is the name of this article that Google shares and reads from the research results. By ensuring it is optimized and shows what the web page is all about. You are more likely to acquire visitors that want to find out more.

11) Meta description

Another element of great SEO is your Meta sign, which assists the search engines to understand what the webpage is about. It also helps people because a portion of the meta description is displayed in the search results.

12) Alt Text for Images

One element of search that’s frequently overlooked is your pictures. Google can’t quite understand what an image represents, so by adding alt text’ into the picture, it will help it rank better in an internet search. Alt text can be also used for individuals with vision impairments that use screen readers, so it’s a very important function for search engines.

13) Social Media Presence

There’s no point arguing with tendencies: if you don’t own a Facebook or Instagram accounts for your business, you’re currently falling behind. Many business owners feel like social networking is a waste of time. But, it can end up being a strong supply of web traffic when used correctly.

14) Guest Blogging

One secret to more visitors would be to think about where else you may post and discuss invaluable thoughts outside your own website.

In case you have some business expertise, guest blogging may be a powerful instrument to help boost your traffic your website. By sharing your thoughts on sites which have a whole lot of attention, and linking back to your site, you direct traffic (and the search engines) back to your own site. Over the years, the more backlinks you have, the more trust and authority your site will collect.

15) By Blog Commenting Reduce the Bounce Rate

Another approach which could be powerful for generating backlinks is to share your ideas and insights as comments about other people’s articles. On websites like Quora, this can also cause more traffic and power on your page if performed well.

These 15 Ways to Reduce the Bounce Rate of your Website. Keeping it current, protected and useful for your audience will make sure that people continue to go to and purchase from your company. In 2019, a business website remains a critical asset that requires some time and effort to create and maintain. However, the pay off is well worth the investment.

Embtel Solutions is a Web Design / Development & Digital Marketing agency that builds world-class brands and excels in web design, e-commerce website, and SEO. We can help you grow your web presence and sales through our online marketing, Social Media Marketing. Contact us today to get started growing your business online.

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