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About Us

Embtel is one such creative PR Agency that offers a comprehensive and affordable gamut of services that including Reputation Management, Risk Assessment, Crisis Preparedness Audits, Press Release Management, Digital PR, Brand Awareness, Content Build, and more.

With an eye on the latest trends in the industries, we ensure its clients are front and center in the media. EMBTEL is a full-service public relations firm specialized in developing strategic campaigns that drive brand awareness and create industry buzz. It is known as one of the most prominent, sought-after leading PR agencies for startups.

We have an integrated approach that ensures continuous innovation in campaign planning, nurturing our established media relations, and integrated digital campaigns for clients.

The firm is skilled in getting clients the right publicity across desired media platforms. It includes a messaging framework that allows clients to attract investors and fulfill their ambitions to grow.

Our Vision

Excellence in Public Relations Means Seeing Beyond Conventional Paradigms. Our underlying focus remains to garner consistent brand impact by delivering qualitative outreach. Our holistic PR approach brings to life the “Creating a New You” principle to engage multiple perspectives and Integrated thinking.

Our Services

Our software attracts a particular podcaster or blogger. They make them visit your website as a guest or journalist. Our experts give you feedback on your pitches as you revise and send them. Our experts provide you the best strategies and tactics so that you start generating consistent exposure on an ongoing basis:


Our solid PR strategy can make your company scale to new heights. It connects you with your partners, suppliers, customers, and investors that stimulate your goal.

Human Resources

People PR or PR for people are the biggest asset for any company. Embtel is known for building PR campaigns, diversity, and including various other facts under human Resources.


By building an authentic image of the client, we tactfully design campaigns and communication models that reveal the critical issues while delivering the best solutions.

Super vision

Brand your PR pitch stand out from your race using unique conversation starters and PR tactics. Details given in our PR training videos


Our search engines provide extraordinary relevant press reporters, content, and media opportunities with a committed search network for every motive.

Public affairs

Public affairs are an amalgamation of government relations, media relations, politicians, and similar decision-makers that influence public policy. Practitioners like us help businesses and participating stakeholders find common ground by leveraging communication avenues.


Use templates that provide the highest response rates. Track your pitch analytics based on perceptions from our 5,000+ users.


Step 1:

Develop List of Journalists & Influencers:

Create an action plan :
  • Keywords and topics are highlighted by media persons.
  • As per your niche, you will get the chance to write.
  • Find opportunities to look for a professional.
  • Broken links will recover by your content from high authority domains to the website URL.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly notifications receive as per your interest for new press opportunities based on your searches.
  • Step 2:

    Our outreach source help to achieve to responses on your pitche

  • Through our platform, you may design a personalized conversation starter for each pitch
  • Received response to the email subject line.
  • Create an email pitch of the best performance-based templates.
  • Regularly each video lesson is highlighted with new PR angles and strategies with active examples.
  • PR’s-Vital-Role-in-Human-Resources.jpg

    Step 3:

    Just reach out!

    Let’s enjoy by launching PR service efforts through our pitch engine:
  • Ensure 100% email delivery to verified emails.
  • Open and response rate Analysis.
  • Availability of Benchmark data across the users on our platform for open and close response.
  • Refine your email pitch based on performance.