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The Laws for Legal Marketing are Different than others

Marketing for a law firm is completely different from marketing for other businesses. It is very important to understand the law business before planning for any online marketing strategy. 

The business of lawyers is based on results and reputation, so it is extremely important to create a legal marketing strategy based around these facts. 

Plus keeping in mind the services they have to offer such as 

  • Business Valuation
  • Divorce cases
  • Domestic Violence
  • Trust , Wills 
  • Property disputes and others.

Each of the services must be taken and handled with great care while marketing, one wrong move can be damaging for the overall reputation. 

Being among the best legal marketing companies we have delivered successful marketing results for our clients related to legal business. 

The overall impact of legal marketing services campaigns for your business will result in new clients and leads only by first achieving the two. You can Build your online presence with our digital marketing services for law firms.

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Core Values

Law Firm Marketing Services We Offer

Website designs are very important, often business houses and service providers settle for a very basic and not so attractive design. 

They don’t really realize the importance of the design. 

You must never forget that your website design is your first impression for the clients and it should speak and attract the right kind of attention not the otherwise. 

So how really does website design help?

An A class web design will have features like 

  • Attractive landing page which clearly mentions your services.
  • The graphic designs which are used to build the front end must be top quality.
  • The content that displays on your home pages and landing pages must be engaging, service complimenting and in sync with the design.
  • A complete overall responsive design is a must to retain customer attention on all devices such as mobiles, laptops, smart gadgets like tablets and desktops. 
  • An easy to follow navigational design to direct the site visitor from one point to another without irritating him to quit staying on your website. 
  • Call to action supportive website design has proven to be the most lead generating designs in all industries. 
  • Fast loading webpages. 

You can also elevate your marketing with engaging visual content, or create a logo design that represents your brand and  service precisely and stands out in the competitive market.


We will deliver you a legal website design which is equipped and developed on all the above mentioned crucial points which will act as a game changer for your legal company marketing strategy.   

Create a responsive law firm website Design, consult with our expert now

Any website which is developed will work and be presented through a server and the only possible result it’s gonna use is the most famous search engine on the planet Google. 

And google is very strict on choosing the website to show on its top pages, yes it follows a set of rules and regulations according to its algorithm, which is constantly evolving every six months. 

Leaving out of this game can really make another legal firm outwin your firm without a doubt. 

As an experienced legal marketing company we understand the core importance of SEO for your business and will develop the website upgrade for you which will have top SEO standards such as 

  • We will increase daily visitors for your website and this will increase overall traffic.
  • Website will fully on page optimized 
  • New anchor texts, Meta titles, Meta descriptions, Excerpts, Tags, will be optimized.
  • Complete  image optimization of your website.
  • Interlinking of existing web pages and optimizing with quality backlinks from various highly authoritative websites. 
  • Each piece of content on your website will be developed around high ranking keywords related to your legal business, this will generate overall good ranking of the website. 


Local search engine optimization offers substantial benefits for attorneys. Recent Google updates have emphasized local pack results on search engine results pages. Other search engines are also moving to emphasize local results. The best attorneys offer hyper local SEO services that drive clients.

We will run aggressive onsite and offsite search engine optimization campaign to get you to #1.

Spot on the search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo.

Social media marketing is a whooping market of more than 3 billion people. All these people have the potential to become a client for your legal advice related to different services. 

But social media marketing can become a little overwhelming at the time because 

  • it requires careful study of the marketplace 
  • being hundred percent familiar with sales strategy
  • And how to target the audience,
  • how much money to invest. 

As decade experienced legal marketing company we have created solutions for all these aspects and much more, our highly experienced and skilled social media marketers will generate  

  • We will build your social media community that believes and follows your service.
  • Complete ad campaign to generate quality filtered leads for your legal company.
  • Our social media managers will keep constant track of analytical reports and fixes for your invested budget and expected results.
  • We will keep your business representatives informed at all steps of your social media marketing. 
  • We will generate leads and build your presence on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and others. 

It is important for your firm to have a presence on social media. We can help you create a voice for your firm and adapt it to the image and philosophy of the business.

A Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign can be one of the quickest ways to generate high-quality leads for law firms. Unlike SEO, it will deliver results quickly.


 Embtel Solutions creates an effective PPC campaign that will get

  • More sales with more clicks for your legal business
  • Your overall revenue spent on advertising will decrease which in turn will increase your profits.
  • Conversion rate will be increased.
  • It will also act as a catalyst for your brand reputation. 
  • Timely targets will be achieved 
  • Complete transparency for every campaign will be maintained, through discussions and approvals from your business representatives at every step. 
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Our Statistics

Statistics about legal marketing that may surprise you

  • One third of potential clients search for attorneys online.

  • 65% of law firms dedicate most of their advertising budget to online marketing.

  • According to 49% of law firms, buying web leads is their best marketing channel.

  • A new possible client’s message is typically responded to by law firms within 3+ days in 42% of cases.

  • 86% of the time, a law firm does not obtain an email address and 45% do not obtain a telephone number on your initial call.

  • 39% of firms say they will focus more on marketing this year, 33% say they will do it next year, 7% say it will decrease, and 21% don’t know.

  • By 2020, the most frequently used marketing channels for all firm sizes will be event sponsorship (48%), LinkedIn (42%), Email (41%), Facebook (33%), and print media (21%).

  • 81% of law firms and independent lawyers say they use one or more social media platforms.

  • About 6% of the legal advisors choose video marketing as a better option according to current stats of 2021.

  • It has been seen that 40 % of the legal websites are not aware of SSL security for their website from hackers and untimely shutdown.

  • 59% percent of legal advisors fail to get more clients because of no website for the business.

  • Only a small amount of 30 % of legal businesses are able to make any leads by running on social media campaigns by themselves. 

  • Linkedin has proven to be the best choice to promote legal advertising platforms by 33%. 

PPC marketing for Legal Business

We’ve built over 100 stores for entrepreneurs and brands, so we have the experience you need to help you build an ecommerce site that is right for your business.

1. Brand Reputation Management: Your Honor is our priority

In the online world you are represented as a brand and even if you have planned not to do anything you will brand yourself but as a non functioning and non trustable organization. 

This occurs because of the level of transparency the internet is offering. Well this transparency is a big opportunity to create a trusted brand reputation with the use of the right strategy and technical support experience.

Embtel has been providing brand reputation management services for ten years now and will work on every aspect to make your legal services be trusted and perceived as a professional brand. 

Our expert team of brand reputation management will focus on


  • Maintaining the daily, monthly and annual strategic work plan for your online reputation.
  • By building your online presence on various marketing portals and  social media.
  • Improving your customer reviews on google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and creating a positive reviews campaign for your legal business.
  • Creation of content that will create Factual,  sentimental and emotional connection with the internet users to take action and trust in your legal advice. 

2. Content Management

Content is the representation of your services before anyone will choose the legal advice.

 The customers will be impacted by the content first and the technical side of SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC ads, Other promotions everything is achieved keeping content as the central piece. 

Our professional and experienced content management team of copywriters will deliver the excellent content for your website, Marketing, Promotion campaign and social media management. 

This will result in a more understandable, convertible and clear approach with the overall legal marketing campaign for you. 

3. Video Marketing

Visuals are the best possible medium to make your clients and customers get a clear idea of your work. Today video marketing on Youtube and Social media is a very important factor of generating leads and developing reputation. 

Our team is equipped with years of experienced professional 

  • Video Editors 
  • Graphic Designers 
  • Copywriters 
  • Video ad managers

We will create the most influential video marketing campaign for your legal services of different kinds. 

4.Email Marketing

The method is traditional but even today is among the top methods to reach and convert valuable clients. 

Email marketing is achieved through a channel of several sales steps which build the relationship with the sender and recipient. 

This relationship becomes the sole responsible factor for client conversion. We have been delivering excellent results as email marketers for all our clients.

And as a legal marketing company we will deliver the filtered and genuine leads for your legal business. 

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How we've earned the trust of law firms

The Success of Our Clients Starts with Our Strategic Solutions. For law firms, the challenge is to be found in a crowded marketplace where customers can buy legal services from providers all over the world. We make it simple for attorneys to find more cost-effective ways of reaching potential clients and retaining them as loyal ones. Digital marketing is an essential part of this strategy because it delivers information about your law firm directly

We know how to do Marketing Justice for our Legal Clients

As a digital marketing agency for law firms, we know how important it is to build your online presence. Your online presence delivers a strong statement that you are the best in the business and must be the first choice of clients.  Online presence is sustained successfully with timely overall updates. Your website should be up-to-date with all the latest information about your firm and clients, as well as relevant case studies.  We also provide email campaigns and social media management services to help you get ahead of the competition. With as a Digital Marketing Agency for Lawyers Helps Law Firms Get Ahead with
  • Increase in leads
  • reduce cost of customer acquisition
  • and manage case volume
  • By building your online Reputation of a promising Law Firm.
Our legal marketing solutions will give you the edge over competitors and grow your business. We help attorneys rank on Google, increase traffic to their website, and convert more leads into clients.

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Lawyers Marketing FAQs

Online searches are the most common way to find a law firm after referrals and recommendations from friends and family. 70% of law firms receive new clients through their website, and 96% of people seeking legal information or advice do so online first. Potential clients will turn to Google or another search engine when they are looking for legal help and services.

In 2020, according to a study, law firms only spent $30k on marketing and business development for every $1 million in revenue. the development of modern marketing channels like social media and email marketing, which leaves firms playing catch-up with their competitors.

Although most law firms have opted to use their own employees for their marketing, the effort has not been in vain. There are more flexible alternatives, but the basic framework has worked well for the most part. .But now, firms need to make a significant investment in digital marketing and advertising because the internet has become a dominant medium for finding legal help.

Yes, to stand out in a competitive market, law firms should utilize an advanced SEO and website content marketing program. The key is to create an abundance of educational web content that helps people in your community find legal answers and your law firm in the process.

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