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Jewelry Store Marketing Done Right.

Jewelry business has become very competitive with so many online stores offering almost everything a local store does. It has taken years of marketing, dedication and commitment to build a name in the jewelry business by local business houses. 

But with today’s available technological marvel on jewellery marketing ideas, even the newest in the jewelry business is making a huge profit. All of this is achievable with the professional services of digital marketing.  The internet is the new business field, the reach of a business can dominate locations worldwide. 

We are living in the wonderous times where becoming a global brand is possible with well planned online marketing strategy. 

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Thinking about the benefits you will get by choosing us: Let us answer

Our digital marketing skilled professionals will work on all the crucial aspects to build your business into a well known online jewelry brand and we can assure you with our services you can expects results for 

  • Increase in your business reach with a targeted audience worldwide.
  • Analysis of the success and working of your top competitors in the jewelry field and will create strategies to make your presence better than them.
  • Creation of the most attractive web designs to represent your business with complete responsiveness on all devices.
  • Strategy for generating filtered quality leads for your business from all sources from the internet, the SERPs and social media networks.
  • Customized winning and profitable advertising strategies to promote your business.
  • Focus on strengthening your Online reputation to make you  a trusted jewelry brand. 
  • Taking your business to the next level with our tailored approach that is focused on building long-term relationships in your community.

Local Solutions for Jewelry Stores Worldwide.

Embtel Solutions has developed a reputative and a professional name in providing service as a jewelry marketing company over the years. 

We have provided custom marketing solutions for all the businesses and jewelry marketing as well. 

As a full stack jewelry marketing company we offer a full range of services from


  •  Digital marketing  
  •  Advertising and public relations
  •  Social media management
  •  Search engine optimization    
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Video Marketing  


jewelry marketing services

Our Jewelry Marketing Services

Local SEO: The successful jewelry marketing idea

Local SEO is the tested and proven strategy for attracting local customers. 

Lets see how it works and things we will do for your jewelry business to make a reputation in Local Areas. 

As a professional jewelry marketing company we are heavily focused on providing successful SEO(Search engine Optimization) solutions for our jewelry business clients. 

A good local SEO will generate more customer exposure, brand awareness and quality leads for your business. 

Wondering What we can do? 

Keywords play the most important role in the internet world. A keyword is a text or a phrase which a user who is looking for some service, information search for on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

But keyword selection is a tricky method as to do this one must perfectly understand the rules and results a particular keyword can offer. 

With an experience of over ten plus years, we have developed a very skilled keyword research team for digital marketing campaigns. 

We will target the most searched keywords related to your jewelry business and will integrate them on every content aspect of your business such as Website, Advertisement, Social Media Marketing. 

Whenever a customer is looking for a jewelry related keyword, your business or store will appear on the top pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We will equip your newly updated website with complete on page SEO and off page SEO necessities to make your website hundred percent supportive of search engine algorithms. This will improve your ranking on top pages. 

The services we will provide with on page and off page SEO

  • Fast loading web pages for your new website
  • Focus keywords for your niche
  • Anchor texts 
  • Internal linking to promote your other jewelry services.
  • Meta tags, Meta titles , descriptions 
  • Complete Excerpts as per google and others.
  • Complete image optimization. 
  • Guest posting
  • Updated Articles and blogs
  • Quality backlinking
  • Site Mapping
  • Analytical support for your website and much more.

What if you could finally have the local SEO that actually works? We’ve been doing this for years and know what it takes to get your business seen. So stop wasting time on overpriced, under-qualified marketing agencies and find out how we can help grow your business today.

The Pay-Per-Click Experts for Jewelers Marketing

We are experts in PPC marketing and have the experience to get you results. With our expertise, we’ll drive traffic and leads from your campaign without costing you an arm and a leg.

1. The PPC service you will get from us are

  • Increased number of sales and orders on your jewelry products.
  • PPC campaign for social media management.
  • PPC campaign for improving brand reputation.
  • PPC ad campaign is beneficial for you as it is only payable on performance.
  • Targeted audience and customer selection based on geolocation.
  • Complete PPC analysis for your business and timely reporting for better results

2. Social Media Marketing Done Right

Social media is the marketplace in itself with no boundaries whatsoever. It provides you with the opportunities to connect with over 3 billion people present on different platforms.

With our services we will create a social media marketing campaign as a part of your jewelry marketing plan on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google + and many others.

  • Building a strong brand presence on different social media platforms. 
  • Generating Leads from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and others.
  • Development of personalised communication of your business service with the social media community.
  • Social media marketing will help in generating traffic on your website as well and eventually will increase your sales. 
  • Customer feedback will help in improving positive ratings for the business.
  • Our specialist social media marketing managers will design strategy to achieve all the above mentioned results and much more will keep your business management updated of every step. 

It’s not enough to just have a social media presence. The key is to be active and engaged with it, as well as make sure you are promoting the right content that aligns with your audience

3. Build Your Online Reputation

A business becomes a brand by working constantly in improving its online reputation.

We as a responsible jewelry marketing company always focus on improving the business reputation of our clients in the online world. Every successful business has an online presence.

 You need to know what’s being said about you, both good and bad, so you can respond appropriately with either more good stuff or correct any misconceptions before they spread like wildfire.

  •  Strategic Work plan for your online reputation based on daily, monthly and yearly targets.
  • Jewelry business listing on various online portals such as marketing websites, review websites, social media and much more.
  • Customer feedback is the most important, we will focus on fixing the loop holes customers have faced with your services. 
  • Regular updates based on customer satisfaction will increase positive reviews for your business.
  • Our talented copywriters will create emotion appealing content for your social media posts to attract customers and promote personal identification with your brand.
  • Our analytical managers for social media and SERPs will work on analytical data for your business on all platforms. 

4. Your one-stop web design solution

A great jewelry marketing step begins with the beautiful and attractive creation of your website. Your website must be an equivalent match of your jewelry standards.

We will develop the website design which will justify and promote the purity, passion and brand commitment of your jewelry business.

  • A great jewelry marketing step begins with the beautiful and attractive creation of your website. Your website must be an equivalent match of your jewelry standards.

    We will develop the website design which will justify and promote the purity, passion and brand commitment of your jewelry business.

5.Content Writing

Get fresh content for your website and new, engaging content on your blog?

Embtel Solutions offers experienced writers to create fresh content for your site

    • utilizing SEO while still providing quality,
    • compelling content
    • We’re always on the lookout for positive reviews
    • user-generated content,
    • social media reviews
    • blog articles that will prosper your reputation.

7. Email Marketing

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. It’s what draws people to you and keeps them coming back for more. Email marketing has proven time and again to be one of the most effective ways to do this, but it can also be a costly venture if not managed properly. We at Embtel Solutions are committed to helping our clients manage their email marketing so that they can reap all the benefits without worrying about how much money they spend on it each month.

6. Optimize your conversion.

What if you could increase your conversion rate by 10% or more? It’s not a pipe dream — it’s the reality for many of our clients.

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Statistics on the Jewelry Marketing Industry to Make You Sparkle

  • The global jewelry market is steadily climbing in value each year. According to a Grand View Research report, the market may grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.1%, reaching $480.5 billion in value by 2025. 
  • 81% of consumers avoided going to jewelry stores due to health concerns. 
  • American households spend an average of $615 a year on watches and jewelry. 
  • Younger consumers are more willing to shop online in general, even for large
    purchases. Millennials and Gen Z – both groups within the traditional age range for marriage – make up two-thirds of all diamond purchases.
  • Modern e-commerce technology makes it easier than ever before to replicate (or even improve on) the in-store buying experience. 360-degree photography and zoom lenses allow online shoppers to inspect pieces from every angle. Virtual showrooms – powered by technology like immerss – let online jewelers provide one-on-one consultations and show their products in live settings.
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Want To Know More?

  • Generating customers on a website, requires many services such as complete on page SEO and OFF page SEO, combining these two services can generate more traffic to your website, which in turn can increase more customers. 

  • The other proven way to generate more customers is through our PPC advertisements service

  • As an experienced jewelry marketing agency, we will provide you with all the services to set up your online presence from website design, SEO, Social media Marketing, Content management, Email marketing and search engine advertisement. 

  •  Brand awareness is followed by careful management of your complete online presence. Our experienced digital marketers have been delivering this for ten years now. We will focus on improving your overall online presence by working on Updates for your website, SEO  Content, Social media management, Engagement with your customers, Improving positive feedbacks, Timely promotions, Fixing the loop holes, improving traffic on your social media pages and website.
  • Yes , you can always fix a thirty minutes appointment with our marketing manager and discuss everything in detail, your expectation, our plan, execution, timeline, expected results.

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