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Are you in the business of Home improvement?

Then you must know that the business field is highly challenging, the customers will come only after being hundred percent sure of your work and one bad review and a failed project can become a never healing wound with constant pain for your business. 

Digital marketing is an essential service to make a mark in the industry, each and every business needs marketing and the game has changed with the internet and new ways of digital marketing result giving methods.

As a leading home improvement marketing agency, Embtel Solutions is the best choice for generating quality leads, converting them to sales, and expanding your business.

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Why Digital Marketing is Important for Home Improvement Companies

Every day, more and more people are looking for home improvement services and the first thing they do while looking for this service is to search on the internet. Yes they are not looking at posters outside their homes, not radio, not television, the easiest method is to search for a service is on Google, once they do so, they get retargeted by the home improvement marketers on social media and other online platforms. 


The results from your competitors pop up everytime and the customer chooses the service from them. To beat this and get the lead first, you need to stay ahead of the competition in order to keep your business afloat.

Embtel Solutions as a home improvement marketing company has been delivering marketing solutions since a decade now and have delivered successful results for its clients worldwide and as an experienced company we offer a variety of marketing solutions that will help you do just that.

We do everything for successful home improvement marketing!

We have given home improvement marketing solutions to many of our clients located at different locations worldwide. Our team is equipped with the most experienced engineers and digital marketers, content writers for the most innovative and undercheck all rounder campaigns to achieve results promised to you as a home improvement marketing company. Whether it’s social media ads, Google Ads, Local SEO, Brand reputation, content management, video marketing or email marketing, we have the right solution for all your needs! Learn more

Personalized service from start to finish!

Our customers are the most important to us , they are the priority and with each customer it is always our dedicated effort to make that customer feel hundred percent aware of every move and strategy which is going to be implemented to improve the business. Our team members , such as marketers and project managers maintain the personal touch with the client to always keep them on the board. Over the years of service we have built a reputation with our customers to deliver successful results and being hundred transparent about each and every aspect of the process. This has developed as an assurance to be doing business with our clients for many years to come. Our goal is always to make sure every client feels like they are our only customer. That means offering personalized attention throughout the entire process - from strategy development all the way through campaign execution. Learn more

Our Services

1. A Comprehensive Marketing Solution.

Our home improvement marketing solution covers all the areas which will develop business for your business, with us You get a marketing plan that covers all the bases 

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Content Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Awareness and Reputation Management

We know how to get you noticed on search engines like Google and Bing and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others..

2. Web Design Done Right

Embtel Solutions is a leading website design company with more than 10 years of experience and over 100 satisfied clients. We create beautiful, functional websites that produce unmatched results for our clients.  You will get home improvement website with functions like 

  • Attractive web design to attract more customers
  • Fully Responsive design for all devices from smartphone to laptops, tablets and desktop. 
  • Complete Navigational pages internal and external
  • Call to action button integration
  • Fast loading web pages

With fast turnaround times and no hidden costs, we’re the perfect choice for your web design needs.


3. We help businesses like yours rank higher in search engine results.

Our experts will make sure your site is compatible with current web standards and features such as

  • Schema markup
  • Page speed optimization 
  • Complete SEO (Search engine optimization) on page and off page both.
  • or Mobile responsiveness (MOBILE).
  • Analytical support for website & search consoles

4. Need of SEO for home improvement companies

The web is constantly changing and so are the ways people find products and services. As a result, many companies are experiencing an increased number of visitors who are looking for their business on Google, Bing or Yahoo! 

Fortunately there’s a way to have your website show up when customers do searches – through SEO (search engine optimization). 

When you optimize your site with our experts it will allow your site to be found by more people because we’ll be optimizing its ranking in search engines like Google. 

Our team of professionals can guide you through this process which has been proven to generate qualified leads for years after its implementation.

home improvement marketing

Home Improvement Marketing Agency

Embtel Solutions is a content marketing agency for home improvement businesses. We create and publish high-quality, engaging content that educates, elaborates, and answers questions our target audience may have. Our clients enjoy the benefits of having a higher rank in search engine results pages (SERPs) because we produce original quality content.


Home Improvement Marketing Exciting Statistics

1) The number of searches for home appliances has increased by 26% in the last year

2) Home improvement businesses saw their revenue rise by 8.5%

3) From 2020 to 2021, searches for home remodels more than DOUBLED

4) Kitchen renovations continue to be the most popular in the home

5) Twenty-two percent of homeowners plan to spend between $5k and $15k on projects

6) Increase in conversions from organic traffic of 12% from 2019 to 2020

This is (Hatch).

7) In 2021, 76% of homeowners will not travel

8) The home improvement industry is worth $120 billion in products alone

9) Home Depot made $110.2 billion in the fourth quarter of 2020

10) Ace Hardware leads all the DIY home improvement stores when it comes to customer satisfaction

11) Smart homes are expected to be worth $53.5 billion by 2022

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is the central focal point of marketing strategy as all your customers will be later impressed with the ads but it will be the content first that will attract them to take the lead and look for your services in more detail.


We realize the importance of great content and have experts in the field such as professional copywriters , content writers, proofreaders, content managers to make the best possible content for your advertisements, social media posts, website information, email marketing and other aspects. 

Become the go-to resource for homeowners looking to improve their homes. We can help you build an effective content marketing strategy that includes SEO, writing, and publishing. 

We’ll create unique content for you including

  • blog posts
  • Articles
  • Web content
  • Infographics

everything from product reviews to industry updates so you’re always ahead of the curve! 

  • Ads Performance
  • update ads as per your requirement
  • track conversions 
  • Selection from filtered leads
  • New adjustments as per budget flexibility.
  • and more with our dashboard. And because we work on a retainer basis you’ll never worry about an unplanned budget increase or unexpected costs associated with running an online marketing campaign.

Build a Brand Using Social Media Marketing

Brands are the winners

Becoming a brand is the best strategy to have an impactful and larger market share business, people identify with the brand and immediately develop trust value with it and take comparatively less time to make a decision. 


But becoming a brand requires so many careful considerations, for a home improvement company the reputation of your brand is everything, one dirt spot can take the business down forever. 


The online world operates on the feedback culture, which is so transparent that there is no room for you to hide your loopholes so it is better to fix them and do the necessary to become a winning home improvement company brand.

What will it require to become a Shining Home improvement brand?

Build a personal connection that could lead to the next six-figure deal for your company. 

Embtel Solutions is a leading social media marketing agency for home improvement businesses, specializing in everything social: 

  • Curate content
  • Regular Engagement
  • Improving your business rating 
  • Fixing the reviews, by solving issues and improving positive reviews for your business.
  • Emotions connect content creation on web, social media and other marketing websites. 
  • Build community
  • Wrap up deals
  • Create inspiring imagery
  • Ensure SEO success
  • Drive trafficFind new leads
  • Get Effective advice from our experts

Wish to know more, how we can build your home improvement company brand, talk personally without business managers and get the one on one session now 

Simplify your Email Marketing Solutions

The key to a successful email campaign and home improvement lead generation is crafting compelling subject lines and content that generates action. And the first step in this process is segmenting your database into customer, prospect, or past customer groups. These are three very different audiences who require completely different messaging — and we can help you do it all from one platform. 

Ready to work together?

Ready to speak with our SEO expert? Share your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule a meeting.

Pay Per Click Campaigns : for Successful Home improvement advertising

A well-executed PPC campaign can be one of the most cost-effective ways to drive traffic to your site in a short period of time. 

We create PPC campaigns that deliver the best ROI for your home improvement business. Our team of experienced marketers will build and manage all aspects of your campaign from start to finish. 

With our PPC campaigns ,You’ll be able to monitor 

  • Ads Performance
  • update ads as per your requirement
  • track conversions 
  • Selection from filtered leads
  • New adjustments as per budget flexibility. 

and more with our dashboard. And because we work on a retainer basis you’ll never worry about an unplanned budget increase or unexpected costs associated with running an online marketing campaign.

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Home Improvement Marketing FAQs

 SEO (Search engine optimization) is a technique used to rank on top pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  SEO can be divided in two parts on page and off page. As a decade strong marketing company we will do complete SEO for your business which will include 

  • Meta titles and descriptions 
  • Meta tags 
  • Excerpts
  • Schema Markup
  • SEO Update content 
  • Image optimization 
  • High ranking keyword research and implementation
  • Complete Navigation
  • Improved speed 
  • SEO Blogs and articles  


All of this will convert your website into a fully SEO optimized website which will land on top pages and at top positions.

 Social media is a marketplace of more than 3 billion active users and potential customers. 


As a professional social media marketing agency for home improvement companies we will provide you with marketing solutions like 

  • Building your brand on social media 
  • Improving engagement 
  • Building community that supports and trust your business
  • PPC ad campaigns for home improvement generation leads
  • We will target ad campaigns on all social media websites such as facebook, instagram, Twitter, linkedin and others. 

Yes, we can create a complete customized plan for your complete home improvement marketing service, please connect with our managers to fix a 30 minutes online and personalized session to discuss everything in detail 

  • The strategy 
  • The cons of your website
  • The fixes we will do for your business.
  • The cost of your campaign
  • The timeline
  • The results you can expect.
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