Google Analytics Tips

Google Analytics Tips

Google Analytics is a powerhouse of data.

Any marketer using Google Analytics is rich in data.

But knowing how to navigate its complex platform to put that data to actionable use is another story.

Analytics has hundreds of different reports ready to access, and thousands more that require a little tweaking.

To unlock actionable data that you can use to boost sales, you need to look past the basic vanity metric reports.

Past the typical data that Analytics wants to give you.

1. Don’t dilly-dally: have specific reasons to check analytics

2. Get emailed versions of your top reports

3. Discover your real conversion rate

4. Utilize on-site search queries

5. Become a power user with keyboard shortcuts

6. See how leads become sales

7. Analyze sales between mobile and desktop

8. Analyze site speed to improve it

9. Custom dashboards

10. Run attribution reports

11. Supplement attribution with multi-channel funnel reporting

12. Run assisted conversion reports for more specificity

13. Reverse engineer your sales

14. Compare new vs. returning users to see what you should focus on

15. Use affinity categories to understand your customers better

16. Exclude internal traffic

17. How many times does it take for a person to convert

18. Visualize your funnel

19. Analyze your current traffic and double-down on it

20. Connect AdWords and Analytics

21. Use real-time reporting to see actual user behavior

Analytics is a wealth of data. But sometimes, it’s overwhelming.

Follow these 21 actionable Google Analytics tips to help you make smarter, informed, data-driven decisions that can boost your sales through the roof.