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Why Digital Marketing A Good Career Option In 2023? A Complete Guide

Digital Marketing Career

Table Of Contents: Is Digital Marketing A Good Career Option In 2023?

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Is Digital Marketing a good career option in 2023?
  • What does it take to be a perfect fit for a Digital Marketing career?
  • Key roles in Digital Marketing
  • Wrapping up

In today’s evolving world, the needs of both employers and employees are changing. The whole world is passing through a global talent shortage where employers are unable to find the skilled employees that they want.

We are going to discuss the question: is digital marketing a good career option in 2023 or not? Let’s start by understanding what the digital market exactly is.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the form of marketing in which a business promotes its products or services using digital media like social media, email, Google ads, blogging, and many other types of digital advertising.

As we all know, the digital marketing industry is booming. The need for digital marketers is also on the rise.

Is Digital Marketing a good career option in 2023?

Is digital marketing a good career option in 2023 or not? We are going to shed some light on this question in this blog.

Digital marketing is a fresh and practical industry in the business. A person who wants to operate in this field should learn the abilities required to become an excellent digital marketer. Digital marketing is the industry in which a person should be actively working.

The beauty of this industry is that digital marketing is a lucrative industry. Because it is a new field, there are few rules and regulations in place. Even people who are professionals and have spent their whole careers in marketing promote digital marketing on a positive note. 

There are many things that have just boomed, and today no one uses them. At one time, people thought that things like floppy disks, CDs, and DVDs were not replaceable.

Today, digital marketing is an industry that some people think will just end with this boom. Digital marketing is an industry that is going to be everlasting.

This answers the question: is digital marketing a good career option in 2023 or not?

Digital marketing is an industry in which you can also work remotely. LinkedIn suggested in their recent study that search volume for work-from-home or remote jobs increased by more than 600% this year.

These stats tell us about the future of digital marketing. It would be enough for an individual thinking of making a career out of digital marketing. 

perfect fit for a Digital Marketing career? - Embtel

What does it take to be a perfect fit for a Digital Marketing career?

Every industry is like an ocean in itself. It takes a lot of dedication and effort to learn new things. As such, there are some standards that are considered when deciding if you are a perfect fit for digital marketing or not. If you still have it in your mind is digital marketing a good career for you?

Learning attitude

Digital marketing is a practical field. New challenges will be there on a daily basis. So you should have a learning attitude toward the new challenges. Digital marketing is an industry that changes on a daily basis.

Strategic thinking

Is digital marketing a good career option for you or not? Let’s take a look. If you are an individual with the skill of thinking strategically when it comes to problem-solving, then you are a good fit for this industry.


We all know that without dedication towards something, it can’t be accomplished in a professional or proper way. As digital marketing is a new industry, there are fewer rules and regulations.


Not everyone is a patient. When things are not fully in your control, patience works well. Experimentation is becoming more common in the digital marketing industry. If you can put forth all those efforts and be patient in this situation, then the answer is yes to the question: Is digital marketing a good career for you or not?


In digital marketing, many kinds of activities practiced. This may be very different from traditional business, and the work culture in digital marketing firms is also very different.


When you are working with an industry that is totally practical and experimenting with different approaches to marketing, then there are so many new challenges that come along. To overcome all these challenges, you have to be innovative and apply an innovative tactic.


Being creative is a skill that comes from education and overall life circumstances. If you can think of new and improved ways to perform better, then you can start your career in digital marketing without any hesitation. Is digital marketing a good career for you? Yes, it is if you possess these qualities.


Without a goal, all the efforts put in are a waste. You have to develop the habit of setting short-term as well as long-term goals. By using this approach, you can track your performance and act accordingly.

Key roles in Digital Marketing

Key roles in Digital Marketing and their average salaries

Digital marketing is not a single person’s game; it’s a very vast industry. If you want to be successful in digital marketing, you can choose what you want to accomplish digital marketing. Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of roles. Let’s take a look at those roles.

SEO/SEM Specialist

Search engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are the roles of digital marketing. In SEO, a website is optimized in such a way that it can achieve a higher rank on SERPs organically. In SEM, paid mediums are used to make a website’s rank go higher on SERPs. There are many roles in SEO, too, like junior SEO executives, senior SEO executives, and SEO and SEM specialists. We are going to talk about the role of an SEO specialist only. For people who want to be SEO specialists, this is the answer to their question: Is digital marketing a good career for them or not?

An SEO and SEM specialist is one who performs all the SEO activities, whether it’s on-page, off-page, or technical SEO. They also run Google ads on a specific keyword to improve a website’s ranking. An SEO specialist can expect to earn between $45k and $85k per year on average.

Content Writer

A content writer is someone who writes totally fresh, quality, and SEO-friendly content. This can be web content, copywriting, content for emails, etc. There are numerous content writers on the market today. Some of them are employees of a company or do freelancing.

If you are working for a company, then you will get paid accordingly. But if you do freelance work, then you can set your own price according to your skill level. The average salary for a content writer should be between $35K and $80K per year.

Digital Marketing Project Manager

As it becomes clear from the name. The person who is responsible for the proper execution and result-driven performance of the projects that are associated with digital marketing Being a digital marketing project manager is a responsible role to take on.

A digital marketing project manager is a good designation, and they also make a good amount of money. A salary of $50,000 to $100,000 per year can be expected for the position of digital marketing project manager.

Graphic Designer

The most important role in digital marketing is that of a graphic designer. Without a graphic designer, visual content like images, videos, and graphics can’t be made. A graphic designer performs many activities in digital marketing, like making logos, images, posters, banners, video content, animation, graphics, etc. A graphic designer is responsible for making all the content appealing and interactive. So, a client or a potential customer can interact with the post, and business can be generated from them.

A graphic designer can earn from $35K to $85K on an annual basis.

PPC Specialist

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. Pay-per-click advertising is one of the quickest methods to attract visitors to your website or blog in the realm of digital marketing. The term suggests that PPC is a paid type of marketing. According to the pay-per-click model, we must pay Google for each click or impression on our website or blog. However, if we continue the advertising, it might generate visitors to the website or blog.

The expected salary for PPC specialists can range from $45K to $75K per year.

Social Media Manager (SMM)

SMM stands for “social media manager.” He or she is the person who is responsible for handling and managing all aspects of social media. A social media manager has to perform day-to-day activities like analysing social media trends and making strategies accordingly, monitoring all kinds of tools for insights, and directing the whole team towards the goals to be accomplished.

A social media manager can make an average of $40K–$80K US a year.

Web Developer

When it comes to digital marketing, a website plays a vital role. But do you know who makes a website? A web developer is responsible for making, publishing, and maintaining a website. A web developer performs all the activities involved in the creation of a website from scratch.

A website is a must-have for every business. The demand for web developers is also huge, and they also get paid well. A web developer can make from $50K to $150K per year. Some of the most experienced web developers also make more than this.

Now, we have discussed the most common roles in digital marketing and their average salaries. Let’s wrap this up with a short, conclusive note.

Wrapping up

In this blog, we have discussed the meaning, scope, and roles of digital marketing. Digital marketing is booming right now and will prove to be a revolution of the 21st century. Everywhere you look, you can find that everyone is talking about and using digital marketing services.

If you’re wondering, “Is digital marketing a good career to pursue?” The answer is a resounding yes.

At Embtel Solutions, we have a team of highly skilled professionals like web designers, graphic designers, SMM specialists, and SEO specialists who take care of delivering the best of the best you need and deserve to take your business to new heights.

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