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With 2,70,000+ users

even in country like somalia

using our Eber Platform


Manage Your any scale of transportation business exponentially with our uber clone app solutions.


Launch your white label uber light clone taxi booking software

With our uber clone solution, We helps small, medium and large scale of business startup with our technology approach and expertise in on-demand app development.

Ride Booking & Fleet Management Business

Start own travel service business or automate public transportation.

Let’s Automate your taxi hailing or fleet management business in an effective way with our on-demand taxi booking software.

Entrepreneur & Government

Start your online taxi-hailing service to the customer and grow your business.

We offer white label uber app clone solution for entrepreneur & governments to start their own venture and complete public transportation needs.


In the world where many taxi and ground transportation working companies have started working with uber clone script on their business, people are becoming more and more dependent on the vehicle for transport and with competition becoming strong and roads getting congested we require on-demand taxi app services. In Uber app clone development solution we provide apps and web panel to run your on-demand taxi booking business online.

User Website


Android App


iOS App


Web Panel


Web Panel


Admin Panel


Android App


iOS App


Web Panel


Web Panel


Customer Application

The Ride Management Platform built for companies.

Ride Now Or Schedule

A rider can book a taxi to instantly for a current ride or later for the future ride

Reviews And Rating

Users can review drivers and rate them according to their experiences.

Surge Pricing

Increase prices of trip for a specific time according to your needs in uber clones.

Trip Verification

After booking a ride, Riders get the secret verification code by Email and SMS

Multiple Payment Option

Customer pay service charge by cash or debit/credit card.

Cancel Trip

User can cancel the trip with valid cancellation reason


Driver Application

Greater ability to scalable and move further.

Driver Application

Greater ability to scalable and move further.


Submit Document

Drivers need to upload valid documents to register in the app.

Trip Earnings

Drivers can see all their trip earnings details in the App.

Route Navigation

Get Route Navigation to users location to current location through the map.

Automatically Idles

If Driver Status was idle they go automatically offline after warning.

Driver Support Chat

Drivers can chat with a support agent for any issue or query regarding trip service.

Self Verification

It’s Essential to verify their identity via documents through SMS or Email. Before they can accept the trip request.

Admin Console

Manage your whole system at one place.

Promo Code

Admin can manage and add Promo Code with the conditions like city, cash trip, card trip etc.

Multiple Country

Admin can add more than one countries for business and make it on or off for business anytime.

Multiple Service Types

Admin can add multiple cars as service types like SUV, Mini, Sedan, etc. with the rights to manage it for business in the selected city with this uber clone solution.

Manage User

They can manage and edit User, Decline User, Check user trip history etc details.

Multiple City

Admin can add more than one city for business and make it on or off for business anytime..

Interactive Statistics

Admin can see the interactive statistic for complete and canceled trips, cash/card payments, total trips, and many more with graphical insights.

Dispatcher Console

Get more business through Call Centre and put trips in the system using Dispatcher Console

Dispatcher Console

Get more business through Call Centre and put trips in the system using Dispatcher Console

Dispatch Request

The dispatcher can add the trip service requestion on behalf of any registered or unregistered user.

Manage Requests

The Dispatcher can manage the trip service requests details like invoice, source, destination etc.

Fare Estimates

The dispatcher can estimate the trip fare charge from any pickup to destination for specified service type so he can give an estimate to the customer.

Partner Console

Turn your passion into profit

Manage Drivers

The Partner can add, edit, update or Decline any drivers for works from the system.

Trip Earnings

They can get the earning report of each vehicle added to the system.

Add Bank Details

The Partner can add Drivers Banking details for receive payment from admin

Customer Panel

Order the ride from a web console.

Customer Panel

Order the ride from a web console.

Book Trip / Create Request

User can book a Trip immediate or create a service request through the web console.

Payment Methods

The rider can pay their service charge through multiple payment options.

Book Now Or Ride Later

Customer can book a right now or for future according to your wish

Upload Documents

Customer can upload their essential documents via web console.

Driver Panel

Drivers can manage their profile details from the web.

Trip Earning

Drivers can check the earning for any particular one or history to check all the trips.

Attach Banking Details

Drivers can attach their banking details to receive earning amount from admin.

Upload Documents

Drivers can upload their essential documents through web console.

Trip History

Drivers can check their all completed trip history with all details of a particular trip.


Key Features That Make This Application Distinct From Others.


The advanced feature of preference setting enables the users to instruct the necessities in advance. Increasing the comfort and convenience of users, this feature helps in gaining users’ trust.


Enhance the ride-booking business reach by introducing the concept of car renting through your application! Allow the user to book a cab for a whole day and they can travel wherever and whenever they want without the hassle of booking a ride again and again.


Enable your drivers to earn more through including the feature of the heat zone displayed over their screens. Mark any specific zone over the map and highlight using colors and adjust the width of the zone manually using the admin panel.


Inspire the users to share your application on their social media platform to increase your customers and let them earn rewards through the referral codes.


Introduce the concept of a price hike during a specific time period of the day to earn more during peak hours. Select and update the peak hour duration and day, type of vehicle to incur charges upon using our efficiently built admin pane


Maintain the privacy of riders and drivers with our unique feature of call masking. No one can see the mobile numbers or other details of each other and hence successfully avoiding the breach of privacy-related controversies.


Enable the biggest stakeholders of your application, drivers, and riders to connect to each other via in-app chat support. Now they can interact with each other securely without needing to place a call.

Advance Features

Manage your whole system from a single place.

Sleek Design

In our uber app script solution, we offer complete UI customization option. Vendors can customized app UI and flow as per their choice and business need. Our experienced graphics designer craft your taxi booking services apps to the scratch and build a pixel perfect UI that helps to maintain service flow easy and looks apps and panel design simple as well as attractive that match perfectly to your brand and serve a user-friendliness in service to your customer.


It’s possible that your every customer doesn’t have a smartphone to download your mobile app or it’s possible that your chauffeurs get a service request on-road(a traditional hailing). chauffeur add this kind of trip detail like to and from location, customer details in hailing section to notify the administrator to serve a hailing service to the customer. and also this kind of taxi-hailing request details can be managed by admin separately on the dashboard.

Gender-Based / Handicap / Baby Seat

If your taxi firms offer a separate service for women, we integrate gender-based booking option. When women rider can request for a women chauffeurs, they get this facility also. The administrative person can on/off this service features as per companies rules. When you also offers special accessibility ride option like a handicap, the baby seat we integrate a features that user can demand a special accessibility ride and admin can turn this feature on / off anytime.

Driver Wallet

Chauffeurs can manage their all earning details within apps using the app wallet. Check each and every trip earning history along with payment method, to and from location, service type, and customer feedback etc. To work as a driver, they must put some specific amount on the wallet which is decided by the admin.

Language-Based Driver Selection

When your business reach is broad and it covers multiple countries service area and multiple cities where a language communication is different and it’s a difficult situation for the drivers. For those problems, we provide the best solution. With this features customer can request for particular language speaking chauffeurs that easily understand their needs and communicate with each other for service. On a registration time, it’s essential that chauffeur adds their known language to their details.

Fixed Airport Price Feature

In taxi hailing business, To go and come from the airport are the main targeted area of business. In uber clone script, we integrate a fixed price features on airport trip for transportation. With these features, customers can hail their airport taxi anywhere and they pay the charges that are already prefixed. Admin can manage all trip details with history along with manage this trip charges and service vehicle details in dashboard.

Inter-City Fixed Price Feature

Provide a better transfer service for riding from some specific area. In Uber app script, Inter-city fixed price features help the administrator to manage X to Y location fixed price for inter-city. It’s also beneficial for customers that no matter which route is followed by chauffeur to drop them, fare charges are fixed already.

Hotel Panel

We know a dynamics needs in taxi service that’s a reason we offer hotel panel with use of this panel, Hotel can directly book a cab behalf of a customer and earn a commission. Admin can manage all the commission and other detail. The hotel has its separate panel for the cad booking and also add the Floor and Room number on the address details.

Multi Features

Multi-Country/City fare features to use it multiple times.

Multi-Country Support

It is possible that your business is in multiple countries or you have a future plan to start your service in multiple countries. We integrate a service in the admin dashboard to manage business in multiple countries with the setting of including specific details of the country code, currency, sign, bonus to a user, bonus to referral and max referral usage details setting with an option of edit and on/off anytime.

Multi-City Accessibility

It’s fact that you can access your taxi-hailing business in the multi-city and management of each transaction and communication are tough to manage. we integrate a feature that helps administrator to handle multi-city taxi business in single place along with that all transaction and communication information along with each taxi booking essential details.Administrator person can add city in business with details of a city name, service type etc. and with the rights to turn service on / off anytime.

Same City Multi Fare Charge

In taxi hailing business, every service type has a different charge rate, even its possible that same service type has different fare charge based on location. it’s possible that some region of the city has more traffic compare to other so we integrate a features that administrator can set different fare charges in the same city with a setting to set different charge as per KM or Miles and different fare charges as per vehicle also.

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