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Our Online Presence Audit is an industry-leading, powerful and flexible way to improve your online presence and help generate more leads. It includes website optimization, search engine visibility audit, social media marketing strategy & content plan as well as email marketing strategy & content plan all at one low price.

Done-for-You Branding Packages

If you're serious about growing your business with a strategic branding package we have what you need! With "Done-For-You" branding packages we'll handle everything from logo design, brand guidelines creation and implementation across print collateral (business cards) as well as digital assets (website)

Do you have cleaning business?: Learn How to Grow it with our cleaning business marketing strategies

Every business is competitive and has certain rules to follow to achieve that desired success and annual profits. The world has changed dramatically , the solutions and tricks you had six months ago are not eligible to get you the same solution now. The Internet evolves at a faster rate than you can keep up with untimely efforts. It requires complete dedication and attentiveness with the latest trends to achieve the best every moment. Cleaning industry is not any different. It requires a certain set of strategic moves to proceed. We have an experience of over a decade and have been providing marketing  for cleaning services.

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why choose us

Why choose Embtel Solutions as your Cleaning Service Marketing Agency?

  • We help cleaning companies grow with our professional digital marketing strategy. 
  • Our cleaning marketing solutions are customized for everyone. Whether you are working as an individual or as a full fledged cleaning business. 
  • We have a cleaning marketing service plan for everyone. These cleaning marketing plans are carefully designed by our highly experienced digital marketers who have delivered excellent results in marketing for cleaning services with different clients and are closely assessed by our Cleaning Marketing Managers to ensure that everything is result oriented for our esteemed clients. 
  • Connect with us today whether you’re a one-person operation or an established business, we can help you get the word out about your services.
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Wondering how to market a cleaning business?

Let us explain all our services to push the boundaries for the new success for your cleaning business. To achieve this we will

Create an irresistible offer

At embtel solutions our team is focused on weaving the best result giving strategies to your business. To achieve this with practical and real world results we work on the following 

  • Our cleaning marketing services will work on finding Ideal client for your business 
  • Our cleaning marketing business content will be in a language which appeals the best to make clients understand your services. 
  • Our cleaning advertisement campaigns for cleaning services will be targeted only to the clients who are specifically looking for services related to your cleaning business. 
  • Our cleaning business marketing managers will only provide you with the genuinely filtered lead. 

To achieve all this we will work on overall management of your cleaning website and brand to deliver the best possible results to you. 


Lets cover each one by one 

We're Professionals


Online Reputation Management : As A Cleaning Business Lets Keep Your Reputation Clean And Flawless.

A business thrives in the world of online marketing by first working on its reputation management.  Everything is so transparent with the end user and service provider that there is no room for any loopholes.  Every interested client will do a complete background check of your reputation related to


  • Delivered cleaning service with the different clients.
  • Precise service as offered in your cleaning advertisements. 
  • Does your website offers the exact service, the client is looking for
  • Customer reviews of your services on different platforms such as Google my business, service review websites and different social media platforms. 
  • Customer support is taken in very important consideration while placing a new order.
  • Timely delivery of the offered service. 


A business thrives in the world of online marketing by first working on its reputation management.  Everything is so transparent with the end user and service provider that there is no room for any loopholes.  Every interested client will do a complete background check of your reputation related to 

  • Delivered cleaning service with the different clients.
  • Precise service as offered in your cleaning advertisements. 
  • Does your website offers the exact service, the client is looking for
  • Customer reviews of your services on different platforms such as Google my business, service review websites and different social media platforms. 
  • Customer support is taken in very important consideration while placing a new order.
  • Timely delivery of the offered service. 


Embtel Solutions is a digital marketing agency that specializes in building a clean and trusted online reputation for our clients. Our team of experts are ready to handle all your needs, from

  • Removing or flagging reviews.
  • Monitoring new reviews
  • Working towards quick query solutions by the customers this helps in improving positive reviews and helps in strengthening  your brand reputation and more.

Google My Business Made Easy

Just like your website google my business is also necessary to make the customers reach you and trust in your services as your cleaning marketing partner. We’ll set up your Google My Business, 

  • Which will show your business details to your customers.
  • We will show you how to update it on a regular basis
  • and connect it with the directories that matter most. 
  • Improve positive reviews for your cleaning services. 

 It’s time to get listed and get found!

Cleaning Service Marketing Statistics

1. Commercial Cleaning (janitors/cleaners) is the top industry in California

Commercial cleaners are also in high demand in California, just like residential cleaners. In May 2018, the following states had the highest employment levels:

  •  California: 230,750 jobs
  • New York: 190,600 jobs
  • Texas: 163,760 jobs
  • Florida: 124,460 jobs
  • Pennsylvania: 90,690 jobs

2. Revenues from janitorial services in the US are estimated at $47.5 billion

Statistics from Statista indicate that the industry’s revenue is estimated to be nearly $50 billion in 2018 and 2023, respectively.

3.US Janitorial Service Revenues Will Increase About $2 Billion by 2023

Statista projects that industry revenue from janitorial services will reach $49.5 billion by 2023. In other words, the revenue grew by about $2 billion.

4. Janitors and cleaners make up 68.8% of the workforce

It is more common to find male janitors and cleaners than female ones, according to the demographics. The proportion of men in building cleaners and janitors was 68.8% in 2017, compared to 33.2% in females.

5. Most housekeepers and maids are female, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

It is significantly more common to find female housekeepers and maids than male janitors and building cleaners. Housekeepers and maids constituted 85.6% of the workforce in 2017, according to Data USA.

6. Customers' dissatisfaction accounts for 55% of commercial cleaning companies' losses

Commercial cleaning businesses lose customers due to inadequate service, according to market research. It is for this reason that business owners should hire skilled employees and provide proper on-the-job  training. Client retention and revenue growth can be improved in this manner.

7. By 2023, the demand for commercial cleaning equipment is expected to grow 15% every year

It makes sense that there is an increased demand for janitorial equipment since the industry is growing at an above-average pace. This demand is expected to increase 15% annually through 2023, according to market research cited by the ISSA. MRO Supply, as a leading distributor of janitorial supplies, has already noticed this trend.

8. Cleaning services are most popular in North America, but Asian markets are catching up

According to Allied Market Research, the largest cleaning services market is currently North America, but the Asia-Pacific market is expected to grow the fastest from 2016-2022.

9. Facilities Managers outsource cleaning almost a quarter of the time

In an annual survey conducted by Statista, 24.15% of facility managers said they currently outsource  cleaning services. There has been a big jump from 2018, when only 15.35% reported outsourcing. In addition, facility managers reported that outsourcing wasn’t an option in 2019 compared to 2018. There is a trend toward more outsourcing in the  future. In most cases, cleaning and janitorial  services are performed in-house.

10. Commercial Cleaning Services are Affected by Construction and Post-Construction Cleaning

Cleaning services for commercial buildings account for most of the industry’s revenue. In 2015, the commercial cleaning industry earned an estimated $37,217 million in global revenues, Allied Market Research reports. The construction and post-construction cleaning services accounted for a large percentage of this revenue.


Quality Search Engine Optimisation

A website without SEO(Search engine optimization) is like a car with no gas, avoiding SEO will make your cleaning website be dumped by search engines in the farthest of the search pages, where no one visits. 

No visitors means zero clients and zero business.

We have been providing custom SEO solutions for different clients for a decade and with us you can expect promised results.  The seo strategy must be a crucial part of your cleaning service marketing plan.

We will optimize your website and with our service for marketing cleaning business you can expect the following

1. Become the hot favourite in Local Areas with Local SEO

We will develop your website with local SEO integration and timely updates, this will help you reach more and more local customers with much more ease than before. 

Everytime in your local locations someone will search for a cleaning service with the dedicated work by our cleaning marketing team ,our cleaning service ads with your name will be shown on top pages. 

2. Lightning Fast web pages

Slow loading pages irritates the new visitor and his attention deviates which results in going with some other competitor website. 

We will optimize the complete website which will result  in fast loading pages to retain customers and decrease bounce rate of your website to promote better ranking on the search engines beating your competitors 

3. On page SEO basics to outrank your Competitors

Image optimization, Anchor texts, Meta titles, Tags, and updated content on the website to give precise information.

All of this updated information will trigger SERPs to promote your cleaning website better than your competitors. 

4. Rank higher with High Ranking keywords and Quality Backlinking

Complete content management will be provided from our side which will be developed with the high ranking keywords for cleaning services, which are being daily searched by potential customers for cleaning service online.  

We will increase your site ranking by providing quality follow backlinks from our strong network we have developed over the years by promoting your websites domain authority. 

.Embtel Solutions has been providing world-class SEO services for over 10 years, and with our success rates at over 90%, we are confident that we can help you get on top of your competition in no time.

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Get more leads and profits with Online Advertising & Email Automation

Online advertising is the game changing technique to generate filtered leads for your business. 

It is a proven method that results in profitable outcomes but yes it is not that simple.

Online advertising is achieved through various ways such as 

Paid ad campaigns are designed by professional and expert digital marketers who have complete knowledge of the sales funnel(which is step by step strategy to make the promoted ad a successful conversion).

We have been providing paid ads with customized cleaning service market plans for various clients which have resulted into successful campaigns for almost a decade now

A very cost effective ad campaign which involved pay per click strategy again requires experts to check while putting cash investment. 

Without knowledge invested finance can result in total failure and an unaccounted loss for business.

Targeted ads for the social media users on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. 

Our dedicated team of specialists will provide you with the result giving campaigns for marketing for cleaning services on all the major social media platforms. 

Google ads are among the most basic ads which are targeted for the customers on google who have searched for the service related to your business. 

The platform requires careful planning and analytical study on a daily basis to shift non-functioning aspects and increase result giving inputs which can only be achieved by experts working in the field.

Our years of professional network has equipped us with the  methods to reach potential customers with the convertible email marketing strategy by our digital marketers and copywriters. 

We will advertise your cleaning services through the native but poven and excellent method of professional email marketing.

Do you need to increase traffic to your website? More qualified leads? More customer engagement or just want better ROI from your online advertising budget? Embtel Solutions can help!

We’ve been in the digital marketing game for over 15 years. We know what it takes to design a website that will work as hard as you do. 

We will develop the best web design which will have all the qualities of a professional website such as 

  • Simple and Easy Navigation
  • Spectacular and attractive web design for your landing page and complete web pages.
  • Overall responsive design for all the devices such as mobiles, tablets, desktops and PC. 
  • Call to action equipped design to promote visitors to buy your services
  • User friendly web design which will lead to decreased bounce rate of your overall website

Whether you’re looking for 

  • SEO-optimized blog posts
  • social media marketing for various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter and many others. 
  • content marketing service for overall management of your website and social media. 

Embtel Solutions is the perfect fit. We take care of all your digital needs with our talented team of writers and strategists.

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