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AMP Pages, you might have been aware of the term “AMP” recently since this job is revolutionizing mobile sites in an unbelievable way. It’s crucial for digital marketers and site owners to gain knowledge concerning this project and be in a position to implement it in their customer’s projects or even jobs of their own.

What Is AMP Pages?

AMP, which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a project made by Google to hasten the practice of viewing websites via its search engine optimization. Have you ever come across a slow website. Which takes a long time to load, includes a cluttered design, or a confusing design? AMP solves this problem, making those pages not only load very quickly but be coordinated using a very simple design. Normally, this results in extremely nice user experience for any visitor to a site who would like to browse and read your articles fast with minimal consequences.

How Does it Work?

AMP works through pages which are coded with an AMP-style construction, which becomes considerably lighter than the initial structure. Here, the expression “lighter” describes the idea that not as many elements are allowed within AMP pages, and CSS. It’s exclusively permitted directly on the HTML, and JS is not permitted in any respect.

The principal use of the AMP project is to prioritize rate and readability. AMP pages set up using lazy loading for graphics, meaning the images within the page is going to be shown upon scroll just. Also, AMP webpages greatly cached to show the content as fast as possible.

Why Is It Important?

If you’re looking to draw and participate more traffic to your website, the rate on your site is essential. Most traffic will instantly leave whether the site takes over 3 seconds to load. Which explains the reason why AMP is an integral implementation. For those who have a rapid site rate, plus engaging articles, your SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) increases as a result of a very low bounce rate that you might receive.

To put it differently, in case you have an extremely intriguing content that people are searching for. And interested in studying while having a good rate, your ranking at search results will probably increase!

Getting AMP Installed

Now that you’re more acquainted with AMP and inquisitive on how you can implement it onto your site. I’m likely to explain the easy process of “AMP-lifying” your site(s).


For WordPress, there’s a plugin to AMP your website in a couple of minutes. The plugin I heavily recommend is called AMP for WordPress, and it enables you to easily set up a whole AMP website in just a couple minutes.

When you have installed the plugin, and you have the first view of it. You may want to concentrate most of your attention on both chief tabs: Preferences and Design.

From the Preferences tab, you’ll have the ability to see the wide variety of choices you have. Every one the options are simple to manipulate and the capabilities of what all the options can accomplish is extensive. Focusing on the more important (and more generally used) configurations, we’ll take a look at the General, SEO, Analytics & Notice Bar.

With the overall setting of the plugin, you might create your logo. It is sizing, and furthermore, decide that pages or article kinds that you would like to make AMP pages.

The SEO setting in this plugin chiefly lets you upgrade the SEO Metadata and implement all of the articles from any SEO plugin which you’re using on your website.

The Analytics setting will allow you to add your analytic tracking ID in addition to any other analytic providers, such as Facebook, Segment, and many more.

Updated GDPR law

Finally, together with the Notice Bar (and the updated GDPR law ), it’s very important to inform your customers about any coverage that you have. This setting allows you to readily show a notification bar with a hyperlink.

After implementing all these settings, your site prepared to function as AMP. However, your website style might not correlate to the identical design of your advertising. That is the reason why this plugin provides the Layout tab feature.

Inside the Design tab, then you are able to customize the AMP extensively. Some provided design customizations include selecting different templates (Frees & Paid), customizing colors, determining what is shown from the header and footer, and also picking which social media icons that you want to show. The choices which come with the plugin are all highly customizable. But, if you are looking for deep customization for your AMP pages. Then you can have a look at this Starter Topic. Which comes with directions on how best to build your AMP layout from scratch.


For Shopify, I have been using the app called AMP from Shop Sheriff. Which can be equally as easy to use as AMP for WordPress. The app provides a full dashboard to customize the settings and layout to your AMP pages.


If you are seeking to allow AMP to get a non-CMS website. You will have to implement AMP manually by following the official manual. It is not quite as simple as having a plugin (as explained previously with WordPress and Shopify), but it is possible. Even though it may be more time consuming and difficult to execute. It may be more customizable than simply using a plugin.


AMP and its strong framework appear to become a must for websites. The capacity to load your site pages quicker than ever can easily draw more consumers, and in the event, you strategically take advantage of the application, it is simple to increase your site rankings within SEO. It’s key to utilize this tool not just because it creates more involvement. But because it is also very simple to install in shared CMS sites, like WordPress, even Shopify, or even hardcoded guides with their official documentation.

Do not lose more time, make your site AMP-lified together now!

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