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Google ads mistakes- Embtel
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Hey readers, We are back with another edition of blog: “GOOGLE ADS MISTAKES TO AVOID”. Here we are going to discuss working with a new Ads account we will end up fixing and hopefully we can pass it on to you so that the next time you run a Google Ad you avoid these mistakes.

Google Ads Mistakes, Based on popular belief, SEO and PPC are not opposite to each other. There are a lot of ways these two search methods work together for the benefit of a business from all sides, especially when it comes to optimizing Google Ads.

Avoid these Google Ads Mistakes

1- Inumerable Keywords:

First point is that there are too many keywords. We notice this a lot. What Google says is to arrange the keywords together that have a dominant theme. Your themes can be specific. For example, take a keyword like, “Lawyer”. As we know that there are different lawyers but technically they have the same theme “lawyer” but that’s very uncertain to be all in a single ad group.

So, this different category of “lawyer” is a dominant theme which is going to control the amount spent on your ad, keywords, and landing page which matches your ad which is an important factor. It makes your task so easy when you have arranged all the ads in a single group.

2- Selecting the right match

Next thing is picking up the correct match. So, to broaden this topic let’s look into the three match types:

  • Broad Match 

A broad match is only you writing the keywords and afterwards Google displays it on the web whatever it feels like is correct to a particular search. For example, we take a keyword like “house-keeping” and they will show “house-keeping” in many phrases where they are not providing too. So, it’s irrelevant to use a broad match.

  • Phrase Match

The next is the phrase match. We will take the “lawyer” example into consideration once again. So, this phrase here “lawyer” we cannot insert anything before it, after it or in-between the keyword. We cannot pen it down like “this lawyer is the best lawyer in this area”. Unsteady example but this is how you will get an idea. We can’t just tackle anything in between the phrase match.

  • Exact Match

Exact match are the keywords you see in these [lawyer] brackets; those are just keywords and nothing else. These keywords would not pop up in the search bar if somebody searches for these keywords. That is specific. You must try this for your most competitive keywords. This is seriously an expensive thing. Because you don’t wanna waste a single penny that is inappropriate.

3- One Ad in a Group:

This is what we get to the most.

Have at least 3 ads in a group

This thing is somewhat critical. This maybe make you think it’s easy for administration. But it is really hard to see what’s working because if you are not testing. How would you know that things are getting better?

Have a Button of Call to Action

The next thing to consider is to have a button of call to action. Be specific as to what you want a person to do when they see the ad. You just have to speak out for them. It seems a bit odd but just tell them about it. Tell them what you are trying to make them do.

4- Display Separate and Search Separate

Last, but not the least, keep display and search separate. By default, “Google says we will show your ads everywhere. This is what we want everyone to do. This strategy gets Google money, this doesn’t give you any profit or any money. The sole reason is because display network. Which is where you are going to a website, you see an ad, search the network and then you type in the keyword and you see an ad.

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