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Understanding Amazon marketing

Amazon is among the top ecommerce platforms in the world, in fact it will not be wrong to say that no one is in its competition on a worldwide scale, yes there are some territorial giants like alibaba and ali express but a global domination is a far way concept.

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The Fact Check

As amazon is the biggest platform so everyday millions of people are buying products on the platform, this makes it a great marketplace to sell your business products but the fact is just like the buyers there are millions of sellers on amazon as well.
Which makes it a very competitive marketplace to excel as a seller. The platform has its own set of rules and guidelines to follow as a seller.

How our service will help you with amazon marketing ?

We will provide you with a one in all amazon marketing service solution. Our team is experienced and working professionally for numerous clients across the globe and have delivered fantastic results as an amazon marketing company.
Choosing our services you can expect a complete range of amazon marketing services like

Wondering Why You Should Choose Us?

Embtel Solutions is a dedicated construction marketing company working relentlessly to provide the best results in the market. 


Delivering these results for our hundreds of clients is enough proof for our continuous ten years long growth which is getting stronger and stronger with each day.

  • We work for Client Satisfaction

Our sole moto is our clients’ complete satisfaction. As a construction advertising agency, we value your reputation above all and we value the fact of being chosen as a construction marketing partner.


Your trust is our motivation to deliver the results you have in your mind while choosing us 

  • Complete Transparency with our clients


Transparency is the key to achieve success in any business. We have always focused on creating the most transparent environment of our services and with your business managers to keep you under complete check of your investments. 


 We are working with the vision to make you our client for years to come and for that we value complete transparency and result giving mechanism from our side. 

  • Our commitment for deadlines 


Our team completely understands work with keeping in mind the deadline’s importance, we know exactly how crucial the deadline can be for your business.


All our services are time bound and have timely reporting by our management to deliver all the work related to your construction marketing in the given deadline.


1. How can your services help me increase my clients?

Answer – As an experienced construction marketing company we have been working for a solid ten years and delivering results by increasing clients. 

All our services such as PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing are structured only with one prime objective to increase your business sales, awareness , better clients and timely results.

2. I have a construction business, do I need full stack marketing solutions?


Answer – Yes, As a construction business it is advisable to have a fully functional website, Online reputation and online advertisement strategy to become successful in the field.


3. What is the USP of your marketing company?

The USP of our digital marketing company is that we are delivering successful services for our clients with ten years strong backing. 


We are one of the very few digital marketing companies which provides ace solutions for all services like Advertisement, Web design, SEO, Content Management, Brand Reputation, Lead generation and much more

4. I need more detailed information, can i speak for a personalised construction marketing package?

Answer – Yes you can have a personalized meeting with our construction marketing manager to discuss all your doubts, our working process, What kind of results you can expect, the budget and timeline.

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5. How much budget is essential for Ad campaigns?

Answer – Every ad campaign is different as per the clients requirement. Your complete budget will be discussed with you with the expected results before going on board. 


To get some ideas  from our packages please click here

6. A+ Listing

A+ listing is a great way to establish yourself as a brand on amazon. Our experts will create the most attractive A+ listing amazon profile for your selling products, which will give accurate information about your brand and product.The edge on amazon selling starts with A+ Listing only. So a well monitored campaign to do it in favor of increased profits is a must to apply. 

The A+ listing however is only available for registered brands with various government license services. We will make sure that a complete customer attracting A+ listing catalogue is created by our team to increase your products sales. 

7. Review Management by Customers.

Reviews play a very influential part, as all customers pay attention to what your previous customers have to say about your product and how often you resolve the issue.

We will keep a close check on a daily basis on the reviews and will modify, clear and update you for the required changes , problems, issues your customers face.

This will help in generating positive reviews in the long run and will improve the rating of your product on amazon . 

8. Complete Management of your Amazon Ad Campaign

We will generate more leads for your amazon products through ad campaigns for amazon marketing service. 

Our specialists will run these ads on various platforms such as search engines like Google binge, yahoo, various specific websites and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. 

Your business representatives will be in complete association with the received leads, Impressions and ROI on the ad campaign for amazon marketing by our team. 

why choose us

why choose us

Various reasons for seller account suspension which we fill fix for you

An amazon seller account is suspended due to a lot reasons such as 

  • Failing to provide correct trademark, copyright and license related the product
  • According to amazon’s policy a legitimate seller must sell the specific product through one seller account associated with the particular business not doing so and operating multiple accounts leads to suspension.
  • A product may be removed, and given warnings if amazon does not allow specific products to sell on amazon such as a product having some sort of drug component traces and many other reasons. Avoiding these warnings will lead to final suspension of the account.
  • Customer experience is everything, an increased number of negative reviews involving wrong product description, late deliveries,product not received, received is not the same as in description, any such fraudulent activity leads to suspension.

All of these factors play a big role in amazon suspension along with many others. 

Contact Us Today, to discuss in more depth, the amazon marketing services we can provide to your business. 

How to decide the right price for increased product sale

 A huge number of sellers on amazon are selling the same product, so it becomes very easy for the customer to choose the best available price.

As an experienced amazon marketing agency we always keep a track of your competitors and how their sales are performing , which techniques are working best for them and how the final price is updated. 

This will help in choosing the selling price intime of special offers, sales, discounted offers to beat the competitors price and increase your product sales. 

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