7 Cross-Platform App Development Framework for Developers in 2019

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Published July 17, 2019

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In case the company on various platforms is a new fact, a cross-platform framework offers the key! As a cheap and effective business application in the online space, nobody can turn a blind eye for the cross-platform apps. The idea of cross-platform app development began skyrocketing because of the number of benefits it provides to the associations in spite of the size, revenue, and version.

In the current world, there’s been a paradigm shift in establishing the ideal small business strategies; many companies are switching from websites to mobile applications. Since the mobile program industry is going through a few of those hard phases, choosing the right frame with a clever platform and improvement process becomes significant.

Let’s Take a Deep Dive in Some of the major Cross-Platform App Development Framework that will be a boon to the developers in 2019 and Beyond.

1. Ionic: One Codebase. Any Platform

Ionic is a reliable cross-platform mobile app development framework, which is cementing its own footprints nowadays. It’s among the most frequently used tools to come up with hybrid mobile apps for different Smartphone OS devices. Furthermore, it’s an enterprise-ready frame to make a dynamic, secure & complicated program for a number of industries.

Ionic Operates on Technology like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and SASS.


This open-minded & free hybrid mobile app development framework is beneficial for producing alluring and effective user interfaces for your program. Above all, it utilizes one codebase to construct an app for different app stores.

You may produce bright & interactive UI’s with this framework. In any case, you may include multiple JavaScript elements, CSS, & additional plugin libraries to get your app artful & agile.

Why Build with Ionic?

a) Braced By A Global Community

Ionic is supported by a vibrant community of nearly 5M programmers in over 200 countries.

react native

b) As Future-Proof As The internet The programs you grow together with the Ionic framework harness the energy and stability of the open net — that the tried-and-tested universal runtime on the planet. It is considered as always the best bet on the World Wide Web.

c) According to As Open Source

This is actually the open-source SDK for constructing cross-platform mobile programs and progressive apps.

2. React Native: A Javascript Library Framework

React Native is a Javascript framework for composing real, natively making Android and iOS applications. It’s grounded on respond, Facebook’s Javascript library for creating user interfaces, but rather than targeting the browser focuses on cellular platforms.

In simpler terminology; if you are a developer, it is possible to work on React Native to write blank, fast mobile programs, that too with the comfort zone of a recognizable framework and a single Javascript codebase.

So, must be wondering what React Native is?

React is a javascript library for generating user interfaces, particularly on the web. But, React Native is just React, especially for mobile.

Why Build with React Native?

a) A Better Developer Experience

When compared with conventional iOS and Android development framework, react-native supplies a much stronger developing encounter. Since the application is mainly Javascript, you’re provided with plenty of perks of internet development, like instantly”Refresh” to view the code varies.

b) Easy To Handle Multiple Platform

Undoubtedly, react-native handles graciously several platforms. The behemoth majority of React Native API’s are cross-platform, you simply have to write one respond native code, and it’ll operate seamlessly for both iOS and Android.

c) It’s Actually Native

The very first thing that surprises people about react-native is, it’s really “Native”. Inside this, a part describes its appearance, respond than handles entire representation for you.

3. Adobe PhoneGap: Amazing Mobile Apps by Open Web Technology

Adobe PhoneGap is a cross-app system which allows you to reuse current web development abilities to quickly create hybrid applications with CSS, HTML, and Javascript.


While working with PhoneGap, programmers use HTML, CSS, Javascript to create hybrid applications that lead to Android, iOS, and Windows. It’s accomplished by wrapping the web application in a native container. This overcomes the common demur of the mobile web browser while extending the same advantages of a frequent language to the developers.

The software built with PhoneGap framework is developed in precisely the identical fashion as cellular web apps, adding on the accessibility of native apps API’s.

Why Build With PhoneGap?

a) PhoneGap Desktop App

The desktop app is the snappiest way to make new PhoneGap apps effortlessly, without using the command line.

b) PhoneGap Developers

Utilize the cell program to connect the devices locally into the various development system, and it’s possible to witness the changes you create immediately — without the need to re-sign, re-compile, re-install your program to check the code.

c) PhoneGap Build

Erase the pain of creating a mobile program from the syllabus. No more compiling locally — Get app-store ready without the hassle of maintaining native SDK’s (Software Development Kit).

4. Tabris.JS: Single Code Javascript. Single Code TypeScript

Tabris.Js is a mobile app development platform that allows you to develop native iOS and Android programs from one code only written in Javascript or typescript. Additionally, Tabris.Js frame is an implementation engine with a fragile layer called native widgets.


No simple installation necessary and also no compiling, you can make changes directly on your cell devices. Most of all, it’s very dynamic and capable of creating complex apps too. It’s among the safest, high-performance and industry-ready platform.

Why Build with TABRIS.JS?

Cross-platform, a genuine native. Yes, Tabris.Js no more use web views for making the User Interface. Instead, it builds native widgets to the cell platform through a javascript to the native bridge.

a) No Web views!

This platform is known to quickly develop/ deploy cycle that you know from web development.

b) Jump On The Javascript API’s

Cross-platform, a true native. Yes, Tabris.Js no more use web viewpoints for rendering the User Interface. Instead, it builds native widgets over the cell platform by means of a javascript into the native bridge.

This platform is known to quickly develop/ deploy cycle that you know from web development.

b) Jump On The Javascript API’s

While Tabris.js no more use web views, you are advised to use already present javascript libraries, Cordova plugins, node modules, to create your much-awaited apps. This platform allows you to apply lots of API’s cores into the internet application.

c) Create Your Native App Online

The online build service frees you from having to align with specialized hardware and huge SDK’s. You have your very first program prepared in a couple of minutes, more clearly ready to get in a couple of minutes.

Local builds are easy as once you begin with it. Begin with the javascript of all Tabris.Js which are readily available to use on Github under a BSD license, making the goal — C / java grinds under the umbrella of shared source license.

5. MobinCube: Develop App without Programming

Mobincube is the very best hybrid development tools to make a native app for Android, iOS and Windows cellphone without programming. It is simple to use, that offer a high level of customization to create an app that fits best the requirement. Applications built with Mobincube will exhibit 3rd party advertisements that will earn money.

Why Build with MobinCube?

a) Built An App For Startup

MobinCube permits you to create your own HTML/ javascript modules that allow you to add complex features to your app and inculcate them with your own services: articles, user account management, etc..

b) Publish Your Web-app On App store

If you’ve got your own web-app, you are still able to transform it into a native app in minutes, so it can be easily printed on iTunes, Google play store, Windows market, and many more.

This approach will gain a lot of visibility and visitors.

c) Built An App For Your Business

Working with MobinCube let you create a professional program for your company, goods, or support and concurrently communicate with the consumers through drive notifications.

6. Xamarin: Cross-Platform User-Interface Libraries


Xamarin is a cross-app development system that allows you to write cross-platform, nevertheless native, programs for iOS, Android, and Window telephones in C# and .NET.

This stage is known to provide C# binding to native iOS and Android API’s. These attributes give you the power to harness Android and iOS native user interface, images, notifications, animations, and all other elements — particularly using C#.

Why Build with Xamarin?

a) A Single Stack For Faster Development

Developed with visual studio, Xamarin based apps are created with a single terminology — C#.

These apps used C# and shared codebases that occupy almost 90 per cent of each platform’s specific terminology, API’s and data structures and then wrap them in a .NET layer that permits cross-platform development.

b) Lesser Time To Market

Creating apps with shared codebase eradicates the time which will conventionally be spent rewriting, translating, or recompiling the code to operate on different platforms.

c) Apps For All Platforms

With Xamarin, it is a hassle-free undertaking to convert a killer desktop app in a mobile app or vice-versa. It handles advancement seamlessly at all the renowned platform like Android, iOS, and Windows.

7. Appcelerator: Simple Code & Fast Implementation

Appcelerator is a cross-platform mobile development tool for constructing API with a flexible cloud service for running them. It is famous because of its easy code and fast implementation.


With minimum coding, developers can create cross-platform programs, which makes it among the greatest tools for easy hybrid programs. The apps made by Appcelerator work well on Android, iOS & Windows Mobile platform plus it uses HTML5 to operate on different cellular browsers. It’s a higher cloud capability & is a proper option for multi-region global programmers.

Why Build with Appcelerator?

a) Independent Of Embedded Browser

This platform includes HTML terminology, but can also create apps which don’t rely on an embedded browser, unlike PhoneGap.

b) Its Own Framework.

Titanium Appcelerator employs the javascript language and its own framework to target numerous mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

c) Back-End Service To Meet Clients Requirements

This service proves to be the best way for programmers to market their bets is to build back-end services that will work well with clients irrespective of these platforms.


Among all the possible hybrid app development services available in 2019, you just take a look at the very top 7 which proves to be the best bet. Therefore, before placing finger one of the frameworks mentioned previously, you have to pay exclusive attention to your goal and ask yourself what is the aim of your application.

As a reliable mobile app development company, we deliver feature-rich cross-platform program solutions to the international corporate world. Our programs proffer native-like expertise to the end-users and operate smoothly across multiple platforms.


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