6 SEO Tips to Rank New Content Faster

Published December 5, 2020

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Whenever you publish new content online, you want users to find it in the search results as soon as possible. However, there are many SEO tips & tricks in the SEO toolbox to help you accomplish this set of goals.

Hello Subscribers! Welcome to the new edition of Embtelsolutions blogs and today we are going to talk about six tips on how to rank your content faster.

You publish new content on your blog, on your website, and you visit around and just wait. You wait for it to be in Google’s index listing. Basically, you wait for it to rank. It’s a frustrating process and it can take up to weeks or even months to rank. There are simple things to take into account, we will help you in nudging Google to index and rank it faster. Some very basic things and some advanced things too. Let’s dive right into it.

1- URL Inspection

Indexing content is not hard on Google. Google provides us with several tools. The simplest and most flexible of them is the URL inspection tool. It’s in the new search console, earlier it was in Fetch & Render. But, both of the tools exist. They are deprecating Fetch & Render. The new URL inspection tool will always allow you to submit a URL and tell Google to crawl on it. When you take action on it, they put it in their crawling queue. That means Google has a list of URLs to crawl. It goes into priority, and it’s going to get crawled faster and indexed faster.

2- Sitemaps

Another simple technique is sitemaps! In case you are not using sitemaps, it’s one of the simplest and the easiest ways to get your URLs indexed. When you have a sitemap, you want Google to know that you are actually there. There are different techniques on how actually we can optimize faster in this process.


The most basic one that everybody talks about is putting it in your robots.txt file. In your robots.txt file, you have a list of directives and at the end of the robots.txt file, you say sitemap and tell Google where your sitemaps are. You can do that for sitemap index files. You can also use the Search Console Sitemap Report, another report in the new Search Console. You can go in there and you can submit sitemaps.


But the best way of informing Google of your sitemaps, that many people don’t use is pinging Google. You can do this in your browser URL.  You type in: google.com/ping, and you put in the sitemap with the URL. 

3- Links from Important Pages

When you publish new content, you want to make sure you are linking the important pages. Important pages include your homepage, adding links to your new content, your blog, resource page. This is the basic step that you want to do first. Adding these things tells Google two things: It indicates to Google that we need to crawl links in the coming future and it gets regular in the crawling queue. Google can say “We have important pages linking to this. We have quality signals to help us determine how to ranking it”. So linking from important pages.

4- Share Socially

Sharing socially is an obvious step. When you have new content, sharing socially, there’s a high connection between social shares and content ranking. But, when you share on content-driven sites like Reddit, those create actual links for Google to crawl. Google can see those signals, see social activity sites like Reddit where they add actual links, and that does the same thing as adding links from your own content.

5- Update Old Content

This is an important step that most people forget or most particularly ignore. Many people use links on their homepage or link to older articles, but they forget that the step of going back to the older articles on your site and adding links to the new content should have been done for the very first time. Now the question pages should you add from? One technique is to use the search operator where you type in the keywords that your content is about and then add a site link: example.com. This allows you to find relevant pages on your site that are about your target keywords and those make significant targets to add those links from your older content.

6- Generate traffic to URL

This kind of technique is an advanced technique, which is a little controversial in terms of effectiveness but we see it in the wrong form from time to time again. Now, there are some debates on whether there is traffic is a ranking signal? There are some Google tricks that happen about measuring the traffic, and Google can measure traffic using Chrome. They can see from where those sites are coming from. For example, in Facebook ads, you launch some new content and then you drive an enormous amount of traffic to it via Facebook ads. Eventually, you are paying for that traffic, but in reality, Google can see that traffic because they are measuring things using the Google Chrome browser.


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