Today we are going to discuss original ways to find some new ideas for content development. Finding new content is a messed up work to do. So, if you are looking for new content for your YouTube Channel or Podcast then you are in the right zone. Let’s get started into it:

1- Google Images Tags: First, let’s type a broad keyword into Google Images, for example:

Google images – Search – Chatbots
Then search on the tags that Google suggested:

These are the tags that Google acknowledges related to what you just typed in.


2- Facebook Ad: Facebook Ad is an unexplored place for plenty of content ideas.

To search for it use the Facebook page in your opening.

And then you see that all of your ads are running.

You notice that a lot of these ads are traditional advertisements. That is not what we want. Instead of this, monitor Facebook boosted posts that are promoting a specific amount of posts and the content that they have published.

So, why is it so important? If someone is paying to promote their content, it’s performing very well for them. In addition to that, you get to see the exact keywords and it’s phrases that they use to promote their posts.

3- Reddit Keyword Research Tool: This tool is a very underrated content provider tool.

The key feature of this tool is that it shows you hot topics on the keyword that people are finding. All you need to do is insert a subreddit keyword into the tool.

4- Exploding Topics: Exploding topics is a free tool that scans the web for topics that are getting more and more popular.

If you want to find a specific keyword, you can filter out the topics with categories inside it like tech, fitness, cooking, and more…

5- Product Hunt: Product Hunt is an excellent tool to search for content and to find what’s trending?

So, the question arises: How to use Product Hunt? First, check out the products of the day, week, and month awards.

These products tell you problems that people are looking to solve.

6- Google Search Related To This is a great way to find low-competition long-tail keywords.

All you need to do is search for a broad topic. Then, click on the “Searches Related To” area at the bottom of the page and you will see a list of topics and ideas that come straight from Google itself.


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