5 Types of Facebook Ads That Grow Sales

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Published November 18, 2019

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Any individual who uses Facebook today is familiar with the advertisements they see in their feed. Love them or hate them they are here to remain.

And that’s good news if you own a business.

Facebook is obviously iterating with its design and strategy to advertisements. Through time, the kinds of advertisements they’ve available for companies to market their products have developed a terrific thing.

What Kind Of Attention Do You Want?


If you are a business owner wanting to grow your customer base, you need attention from your prospective customers.

Among the huge benefits of Facebook Promotion is that over 2.4 Billion people worldwide are on this stage. An astounding 68 percent of Americans use Facebook. 74% of consumers visit the site daily.

So, if you want to get attention, Facebook is the place to find it. But the important question is, what kind of attention do you want for your business?

Most companies can divide their attention-seeking needs into three groups: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion. For any type of client you are seeking, these 3 sorts of attention will help you locate them, change them, and hopefully sell them. Understanding that there are viable customers at each point in the purchasing funnel, it’s very important to set the right objective to best attract your preferred audience.

Of course, knowing what kind of attention you want is just the beginning. Next, you must decide what types of Facebook Ads are best for your business.

Here is a quick guide to the five types of Facebook Ads.


  • Lead Generation Ads:

In digital marketing, one of the toughest asks is for a customer to give you their contact information.

People are generally skeptical and do not wish to be sold something that they don’t want. Facebook Lead Advertisements aim to solve this challenge by providing Facebook traffic a secure, smooth method of sharing their own contact information with businesses they’re interested in. The whole process begins and ends at the Facebook feed, and requires less than a minute for people to finish.

Usually, with all Lead Generation Ads, there’s a promotion or a bonus being supplied by the company. Some businesses offer a sample, even a free trial ebook or training course, a chance to win something. Fundamentally they provide something that entices somebody to present their information in exchange.

When finishing a Lead Generation Ad, people generally understand they will be contacted, therefore they might not always be reactive after submitting their own advice. But if your product or service is enticing to them, Lead Advertisements can help to make contact and start growing clients.


  • Brand Awareness:

If you want more people to know your brand exists, then you need to create advertising. In a feeling, Facebook Advertising is just like a digital billboard that people see throughout their journey. Thanks to the incredible ability of Facebook’s information, they can personalize the billboard to every individual. Because of this, developing brand awareness via Facebook is easier than on Google or even YouTube or alternative programs.

When it comes to new awareness, business share something interesting or appealing about their merchandise or service, and also have a ‘Learn More’ or ‘Subscribe’ call into action button at the bottom.


  • Shopping Ads:

If your organization has a great deal of distinct products for sale, you might benefit most from shopping advertisements. Facebook shopping advertisements (also called Carousel Advertising ) are fantastic for e-commerce, in which you desire a person to buy directly from the website.

You can display a suite of goods via a carousel of ads. These are both visually appealing and interactive to the man who can swipe through the products. Carousel Ads can be a wonderful way to reveal the wide variety and choices you’ve got available.

If you are running a specific promotion, it can be a great way to grow sales. A clear, concise offer is essential.


  • Retargeting Ads:

Have you ever looked at some point on Amazon only to discover it upon your Facebook page a couple of days after? That is no accident or coincidence. It is a shopping advertisement specifically targeted to you.

How does this magic happen? Facebook employs a tool known as a pixel, which will be code added to a single site. Once an individual clicks on a product, the pixel then understands to retarget the individual whenever they log into Facebook.

For any business that gets lots of abandoned carts onto its website, targeting ads may be a superb method to revive your sale. There is an adage that a person has to see an ad seven times before they would like to buy.

Targeting ads are an fantastic means to increase the number of sales for your products and business. Along with Shopping Advertising, they can help capture more of your potential interested sector.


  • Existing Customers:

Among the big mistakes many entrepreneurs make isn’t returning to existing clients to provide new products, or to nurture the relationship.

Once the first purchase has happened, advertisers frequently move on to the next prospect. This mentality can be quite pricey. The truth is that acquiring new customers is five times as costly as maintaining a current customer.

When it comes to Facebook Ads, you may use this to your advantage. If an individual has already purchased from you in the past, you can target them again with new ads.

A simple yet powerful means to do this is to create a ‘thank you’ ad for anyone who has just purchased from you. It’s incredible just how much a simple thank you can help grow brand loyalty.

Another option is to offer new services or products or upsells for your current clients. Once a client has a terrific experience with you, they’re more inclined to buy a second moment. By retargeting present clients with new goods, you are likely to get additional sales.

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